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Islamic research academy says 'No' to colored versions of Quran Cairo - The sale of colorful, hardcover publications of the holy Quran has spread in Egypt despite the disapproval of Al-Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy (IRA). If you visit several areas in Cairo, ... Thursday 01-06-2017 09:07 PM Anchor Doggy! Moscow- Even though she didn’t know it, but while delivering a story on a Moscow demolition, a Russian, female TV broadcaster would be in for a competition on who should anchor the news – she or the ... Thursday 01-06-2017 06:07 AM Samia Nkrumah: Egypt has not abandoned Africa Cairo- “During my visit, I realized that Egypt is strongly returning to the African continent. ” With this statement, Ghanaian MP Samia Nkrumah , the daughter of the first President of the Republic ... Thursday 01-06-2017 06:07 AM Egyptian cinema star doesn't mind woman as president Cairo - Egyptian actor Maged El Masry said that his least favorite type of women are the depressive ones who misconstrue meanings and who do not take care of their husbands and families. During his ... Thursday 01-06-2017 06:07 AM Prank TV shows promote terrorism, racism and violence, observers say Cairo- Dr. Tarek Saada, deputy of the Media Syndicate, said that satellite channels will be held accountable for inappropriate scenes or language. He pointed out that a censorship ... Thursday 01-06-2017 06:07 AM New film in production: Pope of Al-Arab, A message against terrorism Cairo - The Al Remas Film Production agency has announced that the shooting of its upcoming film release “Pope of Al-Arab,” an adaptation of the life story of the late Pope Shenouda III, is ... Thursday 01-06-2017 06:07 AM On Ramadan TV Drama in Egypt: Censorship, age classification Cairo- Adviser in Egypt’s Ministry of Culture Khalid Abdel Galil refused the increasing criticism targeting the Media Censorship committee from the public who are dissatisfied with the drama ... Thursday 01-06-2017 06:07 AM Chinese Minister: Islam is integral part of China's culture Thursday 01-06-2017 04:51 AM Sayed Yassin analyzes terrorist behavior in his book “Criticism of Religious Thinking” Ever since September 11th, 2001, the phenomenon of terrorism has been the main focus of analysts, politicians and security experts as it has been affecting all nationalities and all countries. In ... Wednesday 31-05-2017 01:49 AM The Trumps & I Don’t Want to Hold Your Hand Wednesday 31-05-2017 01:49 AM New fatwa by Pakistani scholars against suicide attacks A group of prominent religious scholars in Pakistan has issued a fatwa against suicide attacks, armed insurgency, and the use of force with the aim of imposing Sharia law. The fatwa, or religious ... Sunday 28-05-2017 04:05 AM Sufism Dawns: Sufi Orders seek redemption through elections Cairo – Sheikh Alaa Abul Azayem is the Sheikh of Al-Azmeyya Sufi Order, who was elected president of the Supreme Council for Sufi Orders, said that he extends his hand to all the heads of other ... Friday 26-05-2017 06:10 AM On Trump's visit to KSA: Right Hand Diplomacy Riyadh - When King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia says to drink your tea with your right hand and not the left one, then that is what you do, even if you are the president of the ... Friday 26-05-2017 02:48 AM Sinai Trail: Explore nature and spiritual atmosphere A new English speaking website dedicated for on-foot journeys in Sinai, Egypt has been recently launched. Sinai Trail or Darb Saina in Arabic is a one-of-a-kind long-distance hiking trail. It is ... Thursday 25-05-2017 02:13 PM Egypt participates in UNESCO's African Week in Paris Thursday 25-05-2017 01:59 PM