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Dr. Mohamed Al Baz The Seed of Anger at the Egyptian Doctors Syndicate The Egyptian regime could have avoided the seed of anger planted in the headquarters of the Doctors Syndicate, downtown Cairo, where doctors held an unusual general assembly in response to police ... Saturday 13-02-2016 03:32 PM Ghada Abdel Rehim The youth should have priority A large number of activities raise the slogans supporting the youth and their development to benefit from their energy to pave the way for achieving the renaissance of the Arab countries. These ... Tuesday 02-02-2016 07:03 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Once Again .. Salute for Martyrs When I wrote last week in this column "Salute for Martyrs", I was mesmerized by the faces of martyrs children who stood next to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to celebrate Police Day. It seems ... Sunday 31-01-2016 09:19 PM Ghada Abdel Rehim Woman: The unjust and the slandered Women make great men, a woman is like a school, a woman equates a hundred men .. Those who read such statements will probably feel shocked of the cultural contrast we have ... Thursday 28-01-2016 03:30 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Jan. 25 passed .. Is the danger over? I talked to you before through my column about what happened on Jan. 25, the day passed without any hustle, but is the danger over? I will tell you again, and I never misled you, the danger still ... Wednesday 27-01-2016 11:15 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Salute for Martyrs Nothing is more dangerous to Egypt than terrorism is, and nothing is dearest for Egypt more than the righteous martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the glory of their nation. What are you ... Sunday 24-01-2016 09:13 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Again, My View on Arab Affairs Committee Presidency Many varied reactions have been expressed following a press interview I made with colleague Mohamed El Baz, published on Al-Bawaba newspaper. It was clear that a lot of voices attempted to put us in ... Wednesday 20-01-2016 11:21 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Hossam Badrawi’s Confessions: The Road to January 25 We could never start talking about what happened during the January 25 Revolution and what followed in Egypt and a number of Arab countries, without mentioning the hidden Western agenda for the ... Monday 18-01-2016 06:42 PM Abdel Rehim Ali The Plot Ready.. Zero Hour on June 30, not January 25 What I will say here is not unseen by stoning, but documented and beyond any doubt or interpretation information. I was honest all the time, and I will, because the next threat will not threaten me ... Monday 18-01-2016 12:59 AM Abdel Rehim Ali Passage to the Jan. 25 Revolution..The Last Moments Ahead of Mubarak’s Departure We cannot talk about the January 25 Revolution and what happened in Egypt and a number of Arab countries afterwards without discussing the Western agenda on the Middle East. This vision can’t be ... Saturday 16-01-2016 01:09 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Passage to the Jan. 25 Revolution..Mubarak steps down We cannot talk about the January 25 Revolution and what happened in Egypt and a number of Arab countries afterwards without discussing the Western agenda on the Middle East. This vision can’t be ... Thursday 14-01-2016 03:46 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Egypt’s Fate and Post-Conflict Maps Since the Egyptians discovered the significance of their countrys geography and history, as one of the most important parts on the earth that creates civilizations, reshapes history and builds ... Tuesday 05-01-2016 11:19 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iranian Safavid Conflict The new conflict triggered by Safavid Iran with Saudi Arabia, over the execution of a number of Saudi citizens, opened the door to a new map of the area, its formation was delayed. This simple truth ... Monday 04-01-2016 11:25 PM Abdel Rehim Ali The Passion of "Egyptian Christ" in Christmas Day A few days later, on January 7th, my Coptic Orthodox brothers will celebrate the Christmas holiday, the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him). On this day, we remember the ... Sunday 03-01-2016 11:14 PM Abdel Rehim Ali New Year, New Hopes Tomorrow, we receive a new year, may Allah bless Egypt, the Arab nation and the world. A new year added not only to our nations history, but to our lives as well, to find ourselves growing up ... Thursday 31-12-2015 10:51 AM