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Abdel Rehim Ali Notes on the 'crisis' The recent crisis revealed three important scenes that showed a lack of transparency in society, which we should have been aware of, being involved in this crisis. First: our discussion of the ... Wednesday 12-04-2017 12:33 AM Abdel Rehim Ali Press syndicate head fails to protect freedom of press Press syndicate Head, Abdel-Mohsen Salama let the press community down by abandoning his duties as defender of free press in Egypt. Salama, who is close to the security circles, showed no respect ... Tuesday 11-04-2017 12:05 PM Abdel Rehim Ali An open-ended letter to the president It seems essential for us to re-clarify our stances so that our opinions can’t be confiscated and our messages can be delivered, as they should be, free of impurities and distortions. Monday 10-04-2017 11:40 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Reform of security strategies is mandatory Some say I should not cross the red lines! But are there red lines that should not be crossed after the dereliction of duty for failing to secure the country? The Minister of Interior has gone ... Monday 10-04-2017 10:34 PM Egyptians united against attempts to create sectarian strife Cairo, alBawaba, translated by Mohamed Sameh - All attempts by terrorists to provoke sectarian strife in Egypt have failed, despite a number of attacks against various churches, which confirms that ... Monday 12-12-2016 07:11 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Islam and Free Speech: The War on Hypocracy Freedom of opinion for the hypocrites is not limited to public or verbal declarations, but also to conducting plans and even conspiracies in the darkest circumstances. The Quranic legislation only ... Sunday 19-06-2016 12:19 AM Abdel Rehim Ali War of sacerdotal institutions on Muslims One of the most important rules of Islam and a great pillar of its policy is that it does not force anyone to join it and does not force anyone out of it. Nonetheless, some talk about killing of ... Tuesday 14-06-2016 05:59 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Muslims Slaughter in the Name of Fiqh It is natural that a state of deadlock and rejection of renewal reflect a dangerous state of belief that thinks it has the absolute truth. This is combined with belief in the past alone, and the ... Sunday 12-06-2016 05:58 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Unprecedented Miracles by an Exceptional President Its the spirit of June 30 that spread into those great people, turning them into like prophet-like creatures able to make miracles inspired by the heavens. This was the spirit of great people who ... Saturday 04-06-2016 06:41 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Lady of Minya’s Shame It will be a shame if the state and citizens did not take any actions to regain the state’s prestige and common decency, again. How could a group of Egyptian people allow others to strip an elderly ... Saturday 28-05-2016 03:40 PM Ali Turky Journalists Syndicate Has Never Been Defeated! The appalling events of storming the journalists syndicate two days ago by police forces and the arrest of two journalists cast their shadow on the political and media scene. This shameful incident ... Sunday 08-05-2016 12:41 PM Abdel Rehim Ali How the Gulf New Generation Evaluates Egypt: A Reading in Egypt’s National Security Files (9) I will handle this episode a topic filled with mines, but as usual, we deal with dangerous points, and get out of them safely, because we ultimately work for the sake of this country and the Arab ... Saturday 07-05-2016 03:44 PM Abdel Rehim Ali The Media is not “shame”, the police are not “thugs” The altercation on social media between those who claim to back the police and the Egyptian state and those who claim to support free speech represented in the journalists syndicate was really ... Saturday 07-05-2016 09:43 AM Abdel Rehim Ali Saudi vision over the differences with Egypt Relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia remained suspiciously silent until the recent visit conducted by Saudi King Salman Bin Abdel Aziz to Cairo last month. This visit had been delayed for many ... Saturday 07-05-2016 08:53 AM Amira Malsh Journalists also sacrifice their lives for the homeland It was an unforgettable day that honored the entire of Egypt not only journalists, with journalists flocking to defend their syndicate headquarters after being violated by police forces storming. ... Friday 06-05-2016 01:26 PM