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Former Bahrain MP: Trump visit to Saudi is to support Gulf States Monday 15-05-2017 09:46 PM Commentator: Al-Azhar failed to renew religious discourse Cairo – Abdul Ghani Hindi, member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, called upon Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb, to carry out a radical purge of all Brotherhood loyalists from the Al-Azhar ... Sunday 14-05-2017 10:35 PM Bahraini MP blames Iran for working to undermine regional stability Cairo - A Bahraini member of parliaments stressed the need for a practical role to be played by Bahraini women to confront extremism and develop the society during the coming period, warning of ... Tuesday 09-05-2017 07:03 AM Cardinal Tauran: Vatican recognizes State of Palestine. Humanity binds us all together. Cairo— French Cardinal of the Catholic Church J ean-Louis Pierre Tauran , is the President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue in the Roman Curia. He was appointed as cardinal ... Monday 08-05-2017 01:03 AM Egypt’s economic reforms on right track: Robert Tashima Cairo - Oxford Business Group (OBG) is a global publishing, research, and consultancy firm, which publishes economic intelligence on the markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. ... Sunday 07-05-2017 12:56 PM Interview: Egyptian ambassador to UAE on El-Sisi visit Cairo and Abu Dhabi - Relations between the UAE and Egypt are witnessing broad rapprochement and understanding at the level of political leadership about issues of common concern, according to ... Wednesday 03-05-2017 08:39 PM Catholic Patriarch: Religion to bring peace to world Cairo - The role of religion in helping to bring peace to the world is vital, according to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, media outlets reported his full speech today. The Patriarch was speaking ... Saturday 29-04-2017 01:47 AM Trump meets Egyptian-American aid worker released from Egyptian jail Washington - US President Donald Trump says "no deal" was made to secure the release of an Egyptian-American charity worker Aya Hegazi, Associated Press reported. Trump, in an interview with The ... Friday 21-04-2017 09:56 PM Representative of Shiites at Al-Azhar conference calls on Cairo and Tehran to adopt unity dialogue Cairo – ‘Ahmed Tablan’, the representative of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council, called for Egypt and Iran to invite for a meeting of the Islamic and Arab unity for achieving unity of the Arab and ... Saturday 04-03-2017 07:30 PM Mufti’s top adviser: We are on good terms with President Sisi (Part 1) Cairo - Interviewed for Albawaba News Portal , Dr. Ibrahim Negm, Egypt’s Grand Mufti’s top adviser, delves into real issues that Egypt’s Fatwa House or ‘ Dar al-Ifta ’ is up to during this ... Monday 20-02-2017 03:06 AM Egypt’s Fatwa House weighs in on Egypt's divorce spree (Part 2) Interviewed for Albawaba News Portal , Dr. Ibrahim Negm, Egypt’s Grand Mufti’s top adviser, delve into real issues that Egypt’s Fatwa House or ‘ Dar al-Ifta ’ is up to during this critical time ... Monday 20-02-2017 03:06 AM Jhinaoui: Meeting on Libya scheduled for March 1st in Tunisia Tunisia , (TAP) - Tunisia will host, on Monday, March 1st, a meeting of foreign ministers of Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt to take stock of the outcome of contacts established by the three countries ... Thursday 16-02-2017 09:09 PM Congressman: US should continue to authorize cash flow financing to Egypt Washington - While on a formal visit to Egypt now, Mr. Dana Rohrabacher; U.S. Representative for Californias 48th congressional district expressed his support to Egyptian economy, calling for more ... Wednesday 15-02-2017 11:22 PM What can moderate Muslims present to eradicate extremism and ISIS? Cairo - In a prolonged interview with Mohammed Al-Gharieb from Al-Bawaba News Portal, Grand Mufti of Egypt talks about renewal of religious discourse and what Al-Azhar and other ... Wednesday 15-02-2017 02:12 PM Egypt's Mufti: Religious discourse is an intra-institutional responsibility Cairo - In an interview with ‘ Al-Bawaba News Portal ’, Dr. Shawki Allam, Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt, addressed a whole range of issues from “renewal of ... Tuesday 14-02-2017 09:35 PM