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Kharabawi: Abou Treika capitalized Muslim Brotherhood with 30 million Pounds Cairo -Tharwat Al-Khawabawi, the dissident leader of Muslim Brotherhood group, revealed that the accounts of the company owned by the famous soccer player Mohamed Abou Treika were dedicated to ... Saturday 28-01-2017 05:45 PM Political parties should reach remote areas to combat fundamentalism Cairo – An Egyptian party called on secular political parties and civil movements to densify its efforts outside central areas to reach out to citizens and protect them from ... Saturday 28-01-2017 12:13 AM Expert: Turkey funding a new Muslim Brotherhood Satellite Channel Cairo - Aly Bakr, the researcher in Islamic Movements, said that the Muslim Brotherhood group moved toward the mass media production trying to expand, especially after the group ... Friday 27-01-2017 08:18 PM Hamas leader praises Egypt after Gaza return Hamas would maintain contact with Egyptian authorities, media reported. Friday 27-01-2017 06:42 PM Argument: Why should US label Muslim Brothers as Terrorists? Washington - Reuters News Agency reported that a debate is under way in the Trump administration about whether the United States should declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and ... Friday 27-01-2017 10:57 AM Trump term 'dark period' for Muslim Brotherhood Cairo - Recent Trump’s ascent to power has had its repercussions on Muslim Brotherhood (MB), an Islamist group, whose affiliate media outlets have launched a well-oiled campaign against Trump in the ... Thursday 26-01-2017 02:55 PM Qatar, where evil nests Qatar, the small, yet rich, country in Arab Gulf Area allocated millions for Twitter users and politicians to trifle with the security of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Hashem : It ... Tuesday 24-01-2017 11:24 PM Abdel Rehim Ali: Hamas elements stand behind 'Saints Church' bombing Cairo - Abdel Rehim Ali, the press writer, Chairman of Board and Editor-in-chief of Al-Bawaba News Portal, said that Hamas movement (a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist ... Monday 23-01-2017 10:22 PM Top Hamas leader in Gaza visits Egypt Cairo - The top Hamas official from the Gaza Strip has arrived in Egypt for meetings with security officials, the highest level visit by a member of the Palestinian militant group since Egypts army ... Monday 23-01-2017 05:35 PM Breaking: White House secret meeting with Muslim Brothers 'EXPOSED' Cairo - On Thursday, US-based newspaper Washington Free Beacon revealed the backstage meeting between officials from the Obama’s administration and Mohammed Sultan, son of Dr. Salah Sultan, a ... Monday 23-01-2017 03:32 PM CIA: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood a greater threat when weakened Washington- A research paper conducted by the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Egypt highlighted the growing force of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, considering it an ... Monday 23-01-2017 09:40 AM Abdel Rehim Ali: NATO used Muslim Brothers to divide Middle East Cairo – Abdel Rehim Ali, the founder of Al-Bawaba News Portal, revealed that Condoleezza Rice, US National Security Advisor back in 2002 announced that Americans aspire ... Monday 23-01-2017 07:48 AM MB behind rumour of cancelling Azhari education in Egypt Cairo – Egypts Parliament Member ‘Amr Hamroush’, the Secretary of Religious Affairs Committee in the Egyptian Representatves House, disclaimed the rumours regarding any requests ... Sunday 22-01-2017 02:22 PM Muslim Brother arrested for trading foreign currency on black market Cairo - News agencies - A Muslim Brotherhood member in Alexandria was arrested for trading foreign currency on the parallel market, Egypts interior ministry said in a statement on Friday. According ... Sunday 22-01-2017 12:35 AM Sudan denies training terroristic Hasm elements Cairo – A Sudanese diplomatic source emphasized that the Egyptian-Sudanese relation is at its best since Egypts President ‘Abdel Fattah El Sisi’ assumed power, on political, ... Saturday 21-01-2017 03:56 PM