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MB adopts a new plan to restore popularity, dissident leader Cairo - Dissident member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Tariq Al Bishbishi, said that the group’s decision to abandon the demand of the return of former President Mohamed Morsi to power is an ... Tuesday 09-05-2017 07:29 PM Egypt's Endowment Minister: Muslim Brotherhood is an exponent of corruption worldwide Cairo— Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Juma, Minister of Religious Endowments and Affairs (or al-Awqaf), said that the Brotherhood is an incubator of all terrorist entities and elements, and the ... Tuesday 09-05-2017 07:03 AM Report on Muslim Brotherhood's campaign in U.S. Washington D.C. - A new report written by Ran Meir, from Clarion Project published recently exposed the hectic efforts by Muslim Brotherhood group to establish new connection inside the US current ... Tuesday 09-05-2017 05:55 AM Book: Astonishing exposé of Muslim Brotherhood in America Washington D.C. - “This book will scare you. This book will open your eyes. This book will shake you. What this book says is frightening.” So says Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, the retired U.S. deputy ... Tuesday 09-05-2017 05:55 AM Just in: Egypt's police eliminate 7 terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood Al Bawaba News published the photo of terrorist Abdel Rahman Al Sayed Rashad Mohamed Al Wakeel who was killed on Monday with seven other terrorists during a security campaign against the dangerous ... Monday 08-05-2017 09:32 PM Life in prison for Muslim Brotherhood supreme guide in ‘Raba'a operations room’ retrial Cairo - Egypts Giza Criminal Court has sentenced Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and two other defendants to life in prison, two defendants to five years in prison and acquitted 21 ... Monday 08-05-2017 04:16 PM Is Hamas still Muslim-Brotherhood’s political arm in Gaza despite alleged disassociation? Cairo— Ayman Al-Raqab, Professor of Political Science at Al-Quds Open University, argues that: “The election of Ismail Haniyeh as Hamas chief will probably not result in any change to the movements ... Monday 08-05-2017 01:11 AM Egypt’s police thwart plot to smuggle devices to MB’s satellite channel Egypt’s Interior Ministry said in a statement issued on Saturday that National Security Sector received information about the intention of Muslim Brotherhood to smuggle devices from “Mekameleen” ... Monday 08-05-2017 01:10 AM Terrorist Hasm publishes picture of its member following his killing by Egypt's police Cairo - Hasm terrorist group has published pictures of one of its members admitting the deceased belonged to them. The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has previously announced his death on Saturday. ... Sunday 07-05-2017 11:34 PM Ideological Deviancy: Roots of generational conflict within Muslim Brotherhood Cairo - The internal crisis within the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has exacerbated to unprecedented levels, and will not be resolved soon. It has grown to become an ideological, generational ... Saturday 06-05-2017 06:28 PM Brotherhood-Iranian plot to drive a wedge between Egypt & KSA Cairo — Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in a televised interview, broadcast on Tuesday, that there was no dispute over the islands of Tiran and Sanafir, and what happened was ... Friday 05-05-2017 12:08 PM Yemen accuses Muslim Brotherhood of causing tension between KSA & UAE Sanaa - The Yemeni government accused the Muslim Brotherhood of trying to cause tensions among the members of the Saudi-led Arab coalition which fights Shia Houthi militias in Yemen, MEM reported ... Thursday 04-05-2017 11:41 PM Egyptian diplomats describe Hamas document as ploy Cairo - Egyptian diplomats expressed their skepticism over the document announced by Hamass leader Khaled Mashaal , describing it as a new political trick in which the Palestinian movement is ... Wednesday 03-05-2017 08:41 PM Why do some members of the US Congress receive terrorists Muslim Brotherhood elements? Wednesday 03-05-2017 08:40 PM Egyptian efforts behind Hamas-Brotherhood breakup Cairo —Journalist Abdul Mohsin Salama , head of Egypt’s Journalists Syndicate, said that the recent Egyptian efforts on the Palestinian question have prompted the Palestinian movement Hamas to end ... Wednesday 03-05-2017 08:39 PM