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Eman El Sherbiny Turkey's Unsettling Priorities Ankara recently made a move towards repelling Islamic State group (IS) in an attempt to foil the threat near the Turkish borders, yet the campaign has more to do than just ... Saturday 01-08-2015 09:45 PM Alaa Awad Waiting for the Barbarians People across the world are always waiting for something, either physical or spiritual. Even those who are not waiting at the moment are really waiting for the idea of waiting itself. This may give ... Friday 31-07-2015 09:32 AM Abdel Rehim Ali The Dream of the New Canal We would die if we stopped dreaming. We have every right to dream, and to see our dreams come true. Only five days separate us from that moment when we meet our dream in reality, scream in joy “yes, ... Wednesday 29-07-2015 11:41 AM Ahmed El Hossary The Revolution, namely, Khaled Mohy el-Deen The blessed movement named July 23 Revolution had the knight, Youssef Seddik as its leader, where he headed to the leadership headquarters, an hour earlier, handed it over to Gamal Abdel Nasser and ... Monday 27-07-2015 12:35 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Egypt-Saudi relations and fishing for enmity Three factors affect the image of Arab relations’ files, where the Egyptian-Saudi relations are the most prominent and crucial amongst the Arab national security files. Factor one: It’s mainly ... Tuesday 21-07-2015 11:06 AM Dr. Abdel Rhim Ali The Brotherhood and the Movement (2) In a past article, I wrote that the Muslim Brotherhood organization is an institution that is not mostly affected by individuals; members of the group may leave whilst the organization’s ideological ... Monday 20-07-2015 07:00 PM Dr. Abdel Rhim Ali The Brotherhood and the Movement Muslim Brotherhood has been through a number of phases in their journey that has been going for over 90 years since it was first established by Hassan al-Banna in 1928. The structuring phase lasted ... Monday 13-07-2015 03:35 PM Refaat El-Saeed Farouq al-Qadi (3) Farouk al-Qadi starts off yet another chapter in his book, “Horizons of rebellion” about Islam, calling it “Uprising of the orphan shepherd”. He demonstrated how Mohamed (PBUH) had individuality to ... Thursday 09-07-2015 01:19 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Tarek Nour without make-up When I was invited to appear on the talk show host Tony Khalifa’s “Make-up Free” TV show, aired in the holy month of Ramadan on Al Kahera Wa Alnas TV channel, I was reluctant as I formerly made a ... Thursday 09-07-2015 10:49 AM Abdel Rehim Ali Real Men! More than a quarter-century ago, I was commuting to Cairo returning from my village in Upper Egypt. Beside me was a simple villager in rural garments of whom two wealthy-looking teens were ... Saturday 04-07-2015 05:55 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Migrating birds of ISIS and the strongholds in Sinai This report was first published 3 months ago and seems to be concurrent with what’s happening at the moment with no omission or annexation. “Old facts are always good for raising eyebrows,” the ... Thursday 02-07-2015 01:21 PM Abdel Rehim Ali It is a regional war against Egypt The terrorist attacks that hit Sheikh Zuwaid city, North Sinai, two days after the assassination of Egypt’s Attorney-General Hisham Barakat and other attacks in provinces of Cairo, Giza and ... Wednesday 01-07-2015 11:39 PM Ali Al Samman Two Victories, Visiting German and Hungary President Al Sisis visit to Germany benefited from the initial pessimistic expectations. These expectations were regarding the importance of the role the Muslim Brotherhood is playing in Germany. ... Tuesday 30-06-2015 02:45 PM Abdel Rehim Ali Stops on the way to June 30 I swear by Almighty God to keep faithful to the Republican system, and respect the Constitution and the law, and that takes care of peoples interests, and to keep the countrys independence and ... Monday 29-06-2015 02:20 PM Abdel Rehim Ali June 30 Revolution Only five days separate us from the second anniversary of the June 30 Revolution, which provided hope for Egyptians to restore their country from the grab of a terrorist group and aborted the wicked ... Thursday 25-06-2015 11:36 PM