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Spoken Word: 'Please, Don’t Rock my Boat'

Wednesday 11-10-2017 - 08:37 PM
Emma Khalil, a Cairo-based poetess who adores the breezing air of Egypt.
Emma Khalil, an Egyptian
Emma Khalil, an Egyptian who adores the breezing air of Egypt

by Emma Khalil

Day after day the smile become more fading, my extremities become more Itchy,  my ear against  the wall, and the worms ate in my brain, more getting lonely, more getting old.

Many nights Out there in the dark sitting naked thinking how I have planned each step and careful course along my way. I passed a million miles for reality with no care for anyone and no care for anything.. But I found that just I think I found a solution, it was just another illusion.

The wall is too high as I can touch.

And  just I’ve said I am sitting on a corner stone, I felt a great shift of my consciousness sweeping across the earth, and ultimately never leave any stone unturned.

That  is true, I travelled each and every highway, I have been loved ,  I have laughed  and cried , I have my fill and my share of losing, and also I am sure that I bit off mare than I could chew.

Now I should be honest enough to say (I get tired, I have got a lot of trials with my tide).  Because there are a lot of interpretation which mixes up with vain and imagination.

I know that sometimes it seems I am edgy; sometimes it seems I am mad. And sometimes it seems that I am just a soul who’s attentions are good. And I am not certain about anything. Like Men sailing on their ego trips and this will the blast off their spaceships, I was one of them. Yeah, like Setting on a time bomb.

When I face the final curtain and between words of righteous which teach many there are fools die for want of wisdom. I have known that who’s with stiffed neck are fools. And it is the most valuable aspect to have some pain and maturity.

I paid the coast. I have a lot of post traumatic disorders because when everything is going bad you must see some mad. But it is the shiniest part inside me. I am satisfied now.

I stand tall now.

I feel like a sweepstake winner, because If the richmen’s wealth is in the city, the righteous wealth is in the holy places.

 Yeah, I stand tall.

I feel like a sweepstake winner.

so I will take ja sun, ja rain, ja stars  and forever I will make my fantasy to continue my way. And dun look at me so smug, and please don’t rock my boat.

Please don’t rock in my boat.

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