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Abdel-Rehim Ali issues new book to discuss ISIS plans

Thursday 07-09-2017 - 10:28 AM
ISIS Political re-mapping of a troubled region
Egyptian Parliamentarian
Egyptian Parliamentarian Abdel-Rehim Ali
Cairo Arab Press Center issued a new book, titled “ISIS Political re-mapping of a troubled region”, for Egyptian Parliamentarian Abdel-Rehim Al, Editor-in-Chief of “Al-Bawaba News”, in cooperation with Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

The new book, issued in English, discusses the story of ISIS terrorist movement since its emergence and its ideas and sources of funding on which it depends to finance its terrorist operations. The new book also discusses the maps in which ISIS militias move to serve the plans launched by Bernard Lewis since 1982 to divide the region.

Ali is scheduled to launch English version of his book “The State of Muslim Brotherhood”, which is considered one of the most important books that discussed the history of Muslim Brotherhood since its foundation until its ascent to power in Egypt during in the aftermath of January 25 Revolution.

The French version of the two books is due to be issued later this month.

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