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Bahraini MP prepares legal action against Qatar

Tuesday 05-09-2017 - 03:00 PM
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Bahraini Member of
Bahraini Member of Parliament prepares legal action against Qatar
Manama - Bahraini Member of Parliament Jamal Bu Hassan is reportedly planning to take legal action against Qatar for its role in ‘supporting terror groups against Bahrain.”

Gulf News, citing Arabic daily Akhbar Al Khaleej, said that Bu Hassan would file the petition following the Eid Al Adha holidays. 

The report quoting the daily also claimed that the parliamentarian would present the request in the name of the people of Bahrain. 

“The petition will include the extent of the damage caused to Bahrain and Bahraini citizens as a result of Qatari support for terrorism and extremist groups,” the report quoted Bu Hassan as saying.  

“The focus will be on the victims of terrorism who include martyrs and the wounded, but there will also details about how the Bahraini economy was greatly affected by Qatar’s support for terrorism.”

“The government of Qatar must be prosecuted, especially with regard to the damage it caused to Bahrain and Bahrainis and to the economy and businesses which is estimated at billions. We must call on the government of Qatar to compensate for these losses, since this is mainly the legal responsibility of the people’s representatives. The actions of the Qatari regime violated all local, regional and international covenants,” Bu Hassan told the daily.  

In a similar move, First Deputy Speaker MP Ali Al-Aradi earlier urged legal action against the Qatari Government for its direct involvement in supporting radical groups in Bahrain. 

Al-Aradi had urged the Government of Bahrain to file an international law suit against Qatar, seeking compensation for all those affected by the Qatari support for terrorism. 

“The radical groups have been involved since 2011 in the acts of violence, terrorism and incitement” Al-Aradi said, calling on the Government of Bahrain to set up a central committee to receive affected people’s complaints and to assess the losses inflicted upon the nation and citizens due to Qatar’s support for terrorism and extremist groups. 

Al-Aradi also urged the establishment of a specialised legal team to file cases and sue Qatar for its blatant interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs, breach of good neighbourliness and violation of national, regional and international legal covenants.

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