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An Apology Letter to the Egyptian Parliament – Al-Bawaba News

Monday 04-09-2017 - 11:38 AM
An Apology Letter – Al-Bawaba News
Cairo - The Editorial Board of Al-Bawaba News and its Chairperson, MP Abdel Rahim Ali, offer their sincerest apologies for Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament, as well as for the respected Members of the Parliament whose names were mentioned in an ostensibly incendiary report in Al-Bawaba News’ Issue of Saturday (2-9-2017). The respected MPs are as follws: 

[Abdel-Hamid Kamal - Elia Bassili - Ghada Ajami - Silvia Nabil - Moataz Mahmoud - Atef Makhaleif - Talat Khalil - Moataz El Shazly - Ahmed El Sherif - Raif Tamraz - Nader Mustafa - Abou El Maaty Mustafa - Ashraf Iskandar - Refat Dagher - Ahmed El Tahawy -  Zainab Salem - Osama Sharshar - Tarek El Khouly - Elhamy Ajina.]

The editorial board and staff of Al-Bawaba News express their full respect and appreciation to all the distinguished members of the parliament and its honorable Speaker. As a voice of the ordinary citizens, Al-Bawaba News fully recognizes and appreciates the role played by the Egyptian Parliament, headed by Dr. Abdel-Ala, to represent all sections of the Egyptian society and to serve the issues of our beloved homeland. 

Editor's note: This Apology Letter originally appeared on Al-Bawaba Arabic Website
To read it in Arabic, please click here.

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