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Four-member family found slaughtered in Egypt's Beheira

Sunday 03-09-2017 - 07:25 PM
News Agencies
One of the victims
One of the victims of the shocking family slaughter which took place in Kafr al-Dawar, Behira governorate on Friday September 2, 2017
Cairo - On the morning of the first day of Aid al-Adha, villagers in Kafr al-Dawar (Beheira governorate) woke up to a horrible scene; four members of the same family were found slaughtered. 

Security forces immediately launched an investigation of the accident, whose mystery has not been resolved yet. 

One of the villagers disclosed that the father was spotted performing al-Eid prayers along with his two sons, and then they disappeared for the whole day, until one of their relatives came to visit them to find the four-member family drenched in blood. 

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