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Suspected IS suicide bomber kills 2 in Libya

Thursday 31-08-2017 - 04:19 PM
News Agencies
A man stands next
A man stands next to the rubble of a destroyed building in Sabri, a central Benghazi district, Libya.
Benghazi (Libya) - Two military officials say a suspected Islamic State (ISIS) militant drove his explosives-laden car into a checkpoint east of the coastal Libyan city of Sirte, killing two policemen.

The officials said Thursday's blast at Nofaliya, 130 km east of Sirte, also wounded two soldiers from the Libyan National Army.

The attack came just over a week after IS militants beheaded 11 people in an attack on a checkpoint in the central district of al-Jufra, some 300 km south of Sirte, which IS held until Libyan forces expelled the militants late last year.

Bands of IS militants are believed to be roaming Libya's vast deserts around Sirte, preying on travelers and attacking isolated outposts belonging to the army or rival militias.

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