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A message to Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

Thursday 31-08-2017 - 03:31 PM
Cairo - We unanimously elected you as president of Egypt because of your increasing sacrifices for Egypt. We expressed our support for you since the beginning, as we view you as the savior of the country amid increasing challenges that face the country.

We have never hesitated to support you since the beginning through exposing the lies promoted by Muslim Brotherhood. We faced increasing threats from the terrorists due to our efforts to expose the tactics of terrorist groups to target security and military forces in addition to the worship places.

We exerted increasing efforts to reveal the truths and to expose those people who betrayed the country. we exerted increasing sacrifices to serve the interests of our country at the expense of our personal security, the security of our families and institutions.

We stood in solidarity with you, and strongly defended your decisions. Even when we criticized the security performance of Interior Minister Magdy Abdel Ghaffar, we were keen to express our full respect to Abdel Ghaffar personally and to the ministry as whole.

Al-Bawaba was one of the main actors to achieve the political reconciliations between citizens and the ministry after January 25 Revolution over six years ago, and we were and still one of its major supporters.

I thought that I was using my constitutional right as a member of parliament, and a political writer who knows the value and the importance of the freedom of expression, and speech.

Since then, we were surprised that the Egyptian state does not deal with us as Egyptian citizens who enjoy the right of protection inside their country.

How can we interpret the negligence of Egypt’s security authorities of the latest threats launched by IS extremist group against a press institutions like “Al-Bawaba News” in which hundreds of journalists and researchers work?

Instead, we heard their whispers that those people who criticized the security institutions and the performance of Egypt’s minister of interior after the latest terrorist attacks that targeted security and military forces in addition to worship places should protect themselves and their institution.

They deal with us as if we are not Egyptians despite the increasing efforts we exerted to support the Egyptian state against the terrorist groups at a time when some people worked to exclude the most efficient elements from the State-Security institution to achieve their own interests at the expense of the country’s interests.

Mr. President, this unjustified position from the minister is considered contribution from the government to slaughter us and a response the call launched by the terrorist groups against us. 

As we appeal you publicly to give your orders to the Egyptian authorities to perform their role to protect the journalists and researchers working in “Al-Bawaba News” as a major part of their duty to protect the country from any threats, we stress that the Interior Minister should bear the responsibility of any terrorist action against “Al-Bawaba News”.

As for me, Mr. President, I do not ask for any security guardianship, as I am depending on God’s protection. I realize well my responsibilities towards my country and fellow citizens. I realize also that I will give a price one day to the positions which I adopted to protect this country. I am ready to meet God whenever he wants and I do not need any protection from any human.

May God reward you, Mr. President. 

Egyptian Parliamentarian Abdel-Rehim Ali

Chairperson and Editor-in-Chief of “Al-Bawaba News”

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