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Government freezes assets of 19 companies affiliated to Brotherhood

Friday 25-08-2017 - 10:32 AM
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Government freezes
Government freezes assets of 19 companies affiliated to MB
Cairo - Assets of 19 companies affiliated to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group were withheld by the government on Thursday per a January judicial ruling. 

The government committee tasked with appraising and management of the Muslim Brotherhood funds has implemented the ruling after finalizing all the coordination procedures with banks and governmental entities to freeze the assets. 

The list of the 19 companies, whose funds were proved to be affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, includes the Delta Group and its affiliation Radio Shack in Egypt, Mobile Shop and CompuMe Egypt. 

All of the companies’ funds, properties and bank accounts were announced to be put on hold by the government, as per a notification sent to all banks, including the following names:-

Delta RS Trading Company, CompuMe, Mobile Shop, Computer Shop Distribution Company for Trade, Deltec Company for Trade, Delta for Communication and trade, Delta for real estate and assets, Delta call center, Delta communication for trade, Delta Software, Delta Expo, Infinity for communication, Overseas Computers, American company for tourism Investment, Wisdom house for consultations, International delta group, Masr Alarabia website and Modern Technology Services Company 

On December 2013, Muslim Brotherhoods were labeled as terrorist group by the Egyptian government. All of the group’s activities were banned according to the law; accordingly several legal procedures were imposed. 

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