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MP Yasser Omar expresses solidarity with “Al-Bawaba” against IS threats

Tuesday 22-08-2017 - 07:34 PM
Egyptian Member of
Egyptian Member of Parliament Yasser Omar
Cairo - Egyptian Member of Parliament Yasser Omar expressed his resentment over the latest threats launched by IS against Al-Bawaba News and its Editor-in-Chief Abdel-Rehim Ali, saying that Al-Bawaba played a major role to expose the terrorist group.

Omar called upon Abdel-Rehim Ali for keeping his position of terrorist group, expressing his solidarity with “Al-Bawaba News” and its journalists.

IS extremist group threatened “Al-Bawaba News” with their slogan “We Came to slaughter You”, as it published a number of reports in its Arabic edition revealing its plans to target Egypt and other Arab countries.

The group’s members published photos of reports published on Al-Bawaba to discuss the formation of new cells for the group. They called for revealing “Spies of Al-Bawaba News” threatening them of their slogan “We are coming to slaughter you”.

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