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Abdel-Rehim Ali exposed terrorist groups: MP Mohamed Al-Komi

Tuesday 22-08-2017 - 07:36 PM
Parliamentarian Mohamed
Parliamentarian Mohamed Al-Komi
Cairo - Parliamentarian Mohamed Al-Komi said that the threats launched by ISIS against “Al-Bawaba News” and its Editor-in-Chief Abdel Rehim Ali come in response to the campaigns that the newspaper launched to increase the public awareness of the danger of extremist ideas promoted by the extremist groups.

Al-Komi, who serves as a member of parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, added that Abdel-Rehim Ali is one of the best authors who discussed the ideas of extremist groups and exposed them before the public opinion.

Al-Komi expressed solidarity with Abdel-Rehim Ali and Al-Bawaba News against the threats of extremist groups, calling the security forces for intensifying their measures to protect Ali and his newspaper.

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