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Rabaa Tragedy: Great shame in Muslim Brotherhood’s history

Saturday 26-08-2017 - 04:11 PM
Rabaa Tragedy: Great
Rabaa Tragedy: Great shame in Brotherhood’s history
Cairo The tragedy of Rabaa al-Adawiya will remain one of the greatest shames in the history of Muslim Brotherhood and the biggest crime against the Egyptian people, as they rallied thousands of ordinary people under false slogans in which they used the religion to cover their political ambitions. 

What happened in this tragedy will remain as a shame in the Brotherhood’s history, as the group’s leaders deceived young people, women and children and pushed them into a political process under the slogans of religion.

This tragedy exposed the Brotherhood’s approach based on the use of religious slogans to rally the Egyptian people in the square, while they were fighting to keep the power, despite their failure when they came to power. The Egyptians believed that the Muslim Brotherhood was a religious group calling for God and Islam.

Despite violations committed by the Brotherhood, including assassinations and violent actions, they used the religion to hide their political ambitions. They used the religion to hide their conspiracies contradicting with Islamic teachings. 

However, the Brotherhood’s ascent to the power was enough to expose their opportunistic approach and conspiracies against the country.

The group’s leaders conducted deals with the figures of Mubarak’s regime who involved in corruption to provide evidence that they have no relation with religion. They conducted political deals contradicting with Islamic teachings to gain parliamentary seats.

Muslim Brotherhood did not play any role during the beginning of January 25 Revolution, while they turned to negotiate with the leaders of Mubarak’s regime to undermine the revolution. Then, they took the streets to kidnap the revolution from the youth who started it.

When the Brotherhood came out of power, it was the beginning of the tragedy of the fourth enemy. The Egyptians found themselves facing rallies of people in one of the most beautiful squares in Cairo. 
Muslim Brotherhood's
Muslim Brotherhood's violence in Rabaa al-Adawiya
The leaders of the groups launched their inciting propaganda in the square called the protesters to use violence against the opponents. It was impossible for any government in all over the world to accept the separation of part of its territories. 

On the other hand, Sinai witnessed consecutive terrorist attacks, while the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood announced that they are able to contain the situation in Sinai if Morsi returned to the power to give another evidence over their involvement in the crimes committed in Sinai. 

The Brotherhood turned to besiege Media Production City and attacked the churches and police stations to kill dozens of citizens. 

This bloodshed started since the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Mohamed Morsi and still continuing, as the group insists on keeping the power even if the price is the blood of thousands of martyrs who are killed every day in terrorist attack targeting them whether in Sinai, Upper Egypt or security or military checkpoints.

Four years have passed since the tragedy of Rabaa al-Adawiya, while Muslim Brotherhood has not realized the lesson. They still resume their violent approach and their ambitions expanded and turned into an international conspiracy against Egypt.

Leaders of the so-called international organization of Muslim Brotherhood are still waging conspiracies against Egypt during their meetings they conduct in Turkey, Qatar and London through supporting the terrorist groups working in Egypt by money, weapons and media platforms.

Turkey, Qatar and Britain lead conspiracies against Egypt, while they use Muslim Brotherhood. No one imagines that among the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood is to destroy the capabilities and capabilities of the Egyptian army which the main source to protect the Egyptian people. 

The group attempted to establish their own state in Rabaa Al-Adawiya and led to the murder of thousands of Egyptian people.

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