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MP suggests sanctions on mobile companies

Saturday 26-08-2017 - 09:10 PM
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Member of Parliament
Member of Parliament suggests sanctions on mobile companies
Cairo - MP John Talat, a member of the Communications and Information Technology Committee in the parliament, said on Monday that during the parliament’s third session he will discuss the possibility of imposing sanctions on mobile companies due to the low level of service of mobile networks, especially in Upper Egypt. 

Talat assured the importance of discussing the draft law on cybercrime during the third session, stressing that the reason for delaying the discussion at the parliament is due to the delay of the government in submitting it. If not submitted at the beginning of the third session, the parliament will begin immediately in discussing the project submitted by MP Tamer Shahawi. 
Member of parliament
Member of parliament John Talaat
He pointed out that social media sites pose great danger, as they are used politically to recruit youth to spread rumors, chaos and negative propaganda, as well as to communicate in order to perform terrorist attacks or call for violence. 

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