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Italian ambassador’s return to Cairo: New success of Egypt’s diplomacy

Monday 21-08-2017 - 05:01 PM
 Italian ambassador’s
Italian ambassador’s return to Cairo is a new success of Egypt’s diplomacy
Cairo - The Italian government decided to return its ambassador to Cairo after a year of withdrawal against the backdrop of the murder of Italian citizen Giulio Regeni who was studying in Egypt. 

The Italian authorities said that the decision to return their ambassador comes after the notable progress in the Egyptian-Italian investigations into the incident.

The Italian citizen was a doctoral student at Cambridge University. He was researching labor movements in Egypt. His body was found along a Cairo road a few days later bearing marks of extensive torture. 

The incident strained relations between Egypt and Italy amid accusations from Muslim Brotherhood’s activists against Egypt’s security forces of killing the Italian researcher.

Italy’s Foreign Ministry said, in a press statement, that it decided to return its ambassador to Egypt after the efforts exerted by Egypt’s judicial authorities to find the truth and all circumstances that led to the crime. 

The ministry added that the ambassador will bear a message to Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi to express his government’s aspiration to discover the truth of the incident.

Egypt’s former Assistant Foreign Minister Hussein Haridi said that the Italian decision reflects the transparency of measures taken by the Egyptian investigation authorities, saying that the Egyptian government was keen to brief the Italian authorities on the results of investigations.

The Egyptian diplomat described Italy’s decision to withdraw its ambassador from Egypt as a critical stage in relations between the two countries. He expressed his appreciation to Egypt’s diplomacy for its success to convince the Italian side to change its position and to return its ambassador to Cairo.

Transparency of investigations conducted by the Egyptian authorities was one of the major factors that pushed the Italian side to normalize relations with Egypt. The Italian decision came after a phone call between Egypt’s Public Prosecutor and his Italian counterpart.

Egyptian diplomat Rakha Ahmed Hassan said that the Italian decision is considered formal endorsement of the investigations results, saying that the Italian authorities realize the importance of Egypt as a major player in different issues of mutual interest.

The Libyan crisis is one of the major issues of mutual interest, said Hassan, as the terrorist groups in Libya pose serious threat against Italian security. He stressed that Italian authorities need the Egyptian role to end the Libyan conflict as soon as possible and this requires high-level coordination between the two countries. 

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, on its hand, welcomed the Italian decision to normalize relations with Egypt, considering it a breakthrough reflecting the historic relations between the two countries.

Egyptian author Ahmed Al-Khateeb, Executive Editor-In-Chief of Al-Bawaba News, stressed that the return of Italian ambassador is a breakthrough in relations between the two countries, while it does not mean the end of the issue. 

He added that no one knows how the Italian student was murdered and more details are required to be revealed over the issue during the coming period.

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