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Extremists plan to raise panic among Arab people, researcher

Saturday 09-09-2017 - 12:05 PM
Violence of Muslim
Violence of Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo Muslim Brotherhood is the major source of the different terrorist movements that share the same objective which is to destabilize the Arab countries and undermine their peoples’ security, said Arab researcher Soha Al-Baghdadi.

Al-Baghdadi added that the extremist groups plan to control the wealth of Arab countries, warning that they currently prepare an alternative after the collapse of ISIS extremist group. 

She stressed that the plan of extremists is to raise panic among the Arab people to undermine their confidence in their national armies.

The Arab researcher said that they launched rumors targeting the military and security institutions in the Arab countries to smear them before their people and to undermine the unity between peoples and their armies.

She warned of the dangerous role performed by Qatar to support the extremist groups working in all over the Arab countries, describing the Gulf statelet as the Arab traitor.

She added that the Qatari government played a major role to smuggle weapons to the extremists and provided them with media platform to launch their rumors.

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