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Gamal Heshmat: Staunch ideologue of Muslim Brotherhood

Monday 31-07-2017 - 04:18 PM
Leading member of
Leading member of Muslim Brotherhood Jamal Heshmat
Cairo - Jamal Heshmat is one of leading leaders of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood who fled Egypt to Turkey after the dispersal of the Brotherhood’s armed sit-ins at Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square in Cairo and Nahda Square in Giza in August 2013.

He was born in Damanhur in 1956. He graduated from Faculty of Medicine in 1980, and was elected as a member of Egypt’s parliament in the first elections following January 25 Revolution 2011.

After June 30 Revolution, leaders of Muslim Brotherhood divided in the context of leadership schism between the camp's of Acting general Guide Mahmoud Ezzat, on the one side, and member of Guidance Office Mohamed Kamal who was killed by Egypt’s security forces in October 2016, on the other.

Heshmat adopted a neutral attitude by calling upon the group’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badei for intervention to settle the existing internecine conflict. He proposed the formation of a committee from among Muslim Brotherhood leaders to reach reconciliation between the two conflicting camps and put an end to their internal strife.

Heshmat is one of the group’s leaders accused of involving in the assassination of Egypt's public prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, that killed in a bomb attack on his car in Cairo. The Egyptian prosecution accused him of premeditated murder, acquisition and possession of deadly weapons and membership at terrorist group.

He is also accused of orchestrating demonstrations without permission following Damanhur Criminal Court acquitted him with other 49 members of atrocities committed by Muslim Brotherhood.


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