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Muslim Brotherhood of North Africa pledge support to Qatar

Tuesday 20-06-2017 - 12:31 AM
Tamim and Qaradawy
Tamim and Qaradawy

Cairo - Muslim Brotherhood of North Africa stepped up its efforts in a bid to end the current Gulf diplomatic crisis in light of the decision taken by a number of Arab countries to cut diplomatic ties with the gulf statelet of Qatar.

The Brotherhood's offshoots in North African countries have pledged their support to the Gulf's tiny state.

In Algeria, Society for Peace, political wing of Muslim Brotherhood in Algeria, issued a statement to express support for Qatar on June 10, condemning the decision taken by the Arab states to cut ties with it.

The movement claimed that such a crisis harms the unity and stability of the Arab region, calling it unjust to many Gulf countries’ citizens, residents and tourists who have nothing to do with political conflicts between their leaders. 

Abdel-Razzaq Makri, Chairperson of the Algerian movement, acknowledged the strong ties the Qatari regime enjoys with Israel, pointing to a discreet trade relation between the two countries that goes back to 1996. 

In the same context, Tunisian leader of Islamist Nahda Movement Rashed Al-Ghannouchi also called the Turkish government to help Qatar out of the ordeal. He explained how both countries are allies, underlining the strong mutual relations between Tunisia and Turkey. He expressed confidence that Turkey will solve the Qatari crisis.” 

Egyptian expert of Islamist movements Khaled Al Zafarani said that Brotherhood in Tunisia and Algeria could not possibly have any effect on the situation, saying that that the group in Jordan, Kuwait, and Bahrain have refrained from interfering with the Qatari crisis despite their influence.

Former leader of Muslim Brotherhood Tariq Al Beshbishi said that Muslim Brotherhood turned to support Qatar to ensure sustainability of funds for them and for the group's leaders who fled from Egypt to Doha.

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