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The Arab Center for Research and Studies: Facts & Figures

Saturday 17-06-2017 - 05:09 PM
ACRS's Logo
Trans. Mohamed Arabi
Logo: The Arab Center
Logo: The Arab Center for Research and Studies (ACRS)

Cairo - Established in 1998, the Arab Center for Research and Studies (ACRS) is an independent think tank to study movements of political Islam and political-cum-sociological phenomena. The ACRS mainly focuses on developing theories in order to monitor, analyze and explain actions of Islamist movements and groups, and by extension assist policy and decision makers in this regard. This area of specialization is the backbone of the ACRS.  The center also concentrates on studying Islamist movements’ ideologies, circles, thought patterns and internal, intra and international interactions and incarnations.   

The ACRS is par excellence a pioneer research center in Egypt and Arab world that pays much attention to deeply studying, better understanding and closely monitoring political Islamist movements at local, regional and international levels. The center has more than two million documents that represent large and valuable databases of different strains of political Islam worldwide.  

Al-Bawaba's specialized
Al-Bawaba's specialized section on Islamist movements (Credit Al-Bawaba)

Over a span of two decades, the center has evolved into an Egyptian joint-stock research corporation under the name of “Arab Center for Journalism” in 2012. The ACRS is not only confined to academic research studies and analyses of Islamist movements. The center also releases Al-Bawaba Newspaper, an Arabic daily and widely circulated news service in Egypt, which has its English version online. Al-Bawaba, in Arabic and English, has specialized sections, among others, on Islamist movements, Jihadi movements, Arab affairs and foreign policy.

The ACRS has launched its Arabic website in two other languages, English and French. Additionally, the center established another branch in Paris as springboard for future research projects in Europe.  

The ACRS Board:

Dr. Abdel Rehim Ali,
Dr. Abdel Rehim Ali, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Bawaba Newspaper and Portal

The Arab Center for Journalism along with all other affiliate institutions is chaired by Egyptian Journalist and Member of Parliament: Dr. Abdel Rehim Ali.

Ali is a member of Egypt’s Press Syndicate, head of the Arab Center for Journalism in Egypt and chairman & Editor-in-Chief of Al-Bawaba Newspaper and Portal. He is also an Egyptian MP and head of the Arab Center for Research and Studies in Paris.

Ali is regularly hosted as guest speaker for several conferences and seminars in Egypt and abroad. Moreover, Ali has featured in several documentaries and TV programs to share his expertise on political Islamist movements. 

Ali has also lectured and published widely, and is the author of several studies and articles on a variety of topics related to politics, international relations and Islamist movements.

Important Publications:

Ali lecturing on
Ali lecturing on the menace posed by Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis

Ali is a prolific author; thus far, he has authored 18 books on the subjects of political Islam and Islamist movements. Here is a list of Ali's important publications:

1. Risks of Truce With Islamist Groups - Dar Merit Publishing House, (1998)

2. Osama bin Laden: Ghost Invoked By the USA - Dar Merit Publishing House, (2001)

3. Pre-Fall Scenarios– El-Mahrosa for Publishing, Press Services & Information, (2002)

4. The Big Gambling: Truce Initiative Between Egyptian State and Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya - El-Mahrosa for Publishing, Press Services & Information, (2003)

5. Encyclopedia of Islamist Movements (8 Parts) - El-Mahrosa Publishing House, Press Services & Information, as follows:

Part I: The Alliance of Terrorism - Al-Qaeda from Abdullah Azzam till Ayman al-Zawahiri (Abdullah Azzam), (2004).

Part II: The Alliance of Terrorism - Al-Qaeda from Abdullah Azzam till Ayman al-Zawahiri (Osama bin Laden) 2004.

Part III: The Alliance of Terrorism - Al-Qaeda from Abdullah Azzam till Ayman al-Zawahiri (Ayman al-Zawahri), (2005).

Part IV: The Alliance of Terrorism - Al-Qaeda from Abdullah Azzam till Ayman al-Zawahiri (Abu Musab al-Zarqawi), (2005).

Part V: Bitter Harvest: State and Groups of Religious Violence in Egypt – Century-long Violence, (2006).

Part VI: The Muslim Brotherhood & the Crisis of Renewal, (2006).

Part VII: The Muslim Brotherhood from Hassan El-Banna to Mahdi Akef, (2007).

Part VIII: Al-Qaeda – Two Decades of Continuous Invasion, (2007).

ACRS’s Issue of December
ACRS’s Issue of December 2014: Political Perspectives Magazine

6 - Islam and Freedom of Speech and Expression – El-Mahrousa for Publishing & Information, (2005).

7 - Muslim Brotherhood - Fatwas on: Copts, Democracy, Women and Art – El-Mahrousa for Publishing & Information, (2005).

8- Arab Media & Terrorism Issues - El-Mahrousa for Publishing & Information, (2007).

9 – Debunking Myths of Muslim Brotherhood: Incidents of Violence and Fatwas of Takfir (excommunication), (2010).

10 - The Road to Al-Ittihadiya Palace, (2013).

In-print Publications (in Arabic, French and English):

1- ISIS & Restructuring the Middle East

2- The Fall of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt & Future of the Global Order of the Group.

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