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NCW head celebrates launching of English version of book on Muslim women

Friday 16-06-2017 - 01:12 PM
Dr. Maya Morsi
Dr. Maya Morsi
Cairo – Chairperson of the Egyptian National Council for Women (NCW) Dr. Maya Morsi on Friday took part in a ceremony organized by the Arab Women Organization to celebrate the launching of the English version of a book entitled “Women from an Islamic Prospective: Some Issues”.

A large number of Arab ambassadors to Egypt, as well as artists and media personnel attended the event.

During her speech, Morsi praised efforts exerted by the Arab Women Organization to translate this book into English with an aim of correcting the image of Muslim women in non-Muslim communities.

“Islam has maintained the dignity of the Muslim woman and placed her in an outstanding position,” Morsi said, suggesting that the book is translated into other languages in order to be reviewed by the participants in the UN meeting next year.

“Muslim scholars and preachers should have the opportunity to talk about the high status of women in Islam,” she noted.

Morsi also suggested producing an infographic version of the book in order to help the youth understand its content easily.

The book is made up of three chapters, tackling issues of equality in Islam, divorce and child custody, and some suspicions about Muslim women.

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