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25 female experts to participate in “Egypt Can” conference

Tuesday 13-06-2017 - 01:32 PM
Khalid Fahmy
Photo credit: Google
Photo credit: Google
Cairo - A total of 25 Egyptian female experts agreed on taking part in “Egypt Can (Taa Marbouta)” conference, to be held in Cairo on July 2 and 3 under the auspices of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. 
“Al Taa Marbouta is your strength” an awareness-raising campaign launched by Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) during the holy month of Ramadan to support and empower Egyptian women and highlight the importance of women's participation in all economic, political and social sectors.
The conference is organized by the Egyptian ministry of Immigration and Expatriate affairs in cooperation with the NCW. The experts are specialized in the most important expatriates-related scientific, intellectual and academic fields.

Ambassador Nabila
Ambassador Nabila Makram
Ambassador Nabila Makram, Egyptian Minister of Immigration, pointed out that the number of participants in the conference could increase. She stressed that the idea of this conference is inspired by El-Sisi’s announcement that 2017 is the year of Egyptian women, and driven by the national initiative to enable Egyptian women.
Makram expressed her confidence that the conference would create communications between female expert expatriates and their counterparts in Egypt to have female cadres that can contribute to achieve sustainable development goals of “Egypt Vision 2030.” The minister hopes the female experts can use their experience to provide applicable solutions for Egypt’s problems and pressing matters.

Maya Morsi
Maya Morsi
NCW head, Maya Morsi, said the conference would greatly contribute to strengthen the role of Egyptian expat women to help develop Egypt. The conference would also shed light on the achievements of Egyptian female experts abroad in all fields to be examples for new generations of young males and females, according to Morsi. 
The conference is to be attended by officials from several Egyptian ministries, including higher education and scientific research, social solidarity, justice, international cooperation, investment, health,  and trade and industry. Moreover, representatives from executive departments will be present at the conference, in addition to the participation of NGOs and associations.

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