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In a new document signed in Turkey:

Muslim Brotherhood calls for fighting “Qatar enemies”

Friday 09-06-2017 - 04:17 AM
Qatari Emir 'Tamim
Qatari Emir 'Tamim bin Hamad' (Middle) - Photo Credit: Others
Cairo- The International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood held a meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Thursday, June 8, that was attended by a number of the group’s leaders, including Medhat al-Haddad, a former Brotherhood official in Turkey, Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the Guidance Office, Hikan Vidal, Turkish intelligence official, representatives of the Turkish government and senior leaders of the Turkish Justice and Development Party.

During this meeting, the leaders of the international organization presented what is known as the "Doha Document", which expresses full support for Qatar’s Emir Tamim Bin Hamad. The document refers to the last backlash from some Arab nations against Qatar's support of terrorist group as "the war he was forced into because he has been trying to revive the Islamic Caliphate and defend Islam."

According to sources, the document in question includes ten articles, signed by Turkish government officials and representatives and leaders of the Turkish Justice and Development Party.

The document stressed, in its first article, the need for supporting Qatari regime, saying that it is the duty of every Muslim in the Arab region. It also called for an armed jihad to be carried out by armed groups and Islamic regimes to defend Qatar. Furthermore, it called on Muslim Brothers' followers to enlist in the Qatari army.

 Tariq Aboul Saad
Tariq Aboul Saad

The Doha Document considers that the countries, which severed relations with Qatar and its Emir, as enemies of Islam and should be fought. It called for holding a conference inside Tehran to declare a document of the Brotherhood between the international organization of  theMuslim Brotherhood group "the real representative of the Islamic movement", and the government of Iran. The document said this would be a sign of harmony between the Shiites and Sunnis.

In this context, dissident member of the Muslim Brotherhood Tariq Aboul Saad said that Qatar's crisis will leave negative repercussions on the Brotherhood, as the group’s leaders realize the importance of the tiny Gulf state for them as it provides a safe shelter for the group fugitives.

He added that such a meeting comes to express solidarity with Qatar. Yet, he thinks the participants in this meeting and the Brotherhood's supporter will not be able to turn words of support into a serious position in light of the current division that has hit the group, explaining that the group did not take any immediate position due to the state of confusion dominating the group.

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