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Abdel Rehim Ali to Al Khaleej: No alternative to ending Qatar’s terrorism except to oust Tamim and try him before ICC

Thursday 08-06-2017 - 08:28 AM
AL Khaleej*
Member of parliament,
Member of parliament, Abel Rehim Ali
Cairo - Abdel Rehim Ali, member of the Egyptian parliament, said that the file he is preparing to submit to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the crimes of Qatar and Emir Tamim and his terrorist regime includes documents and videos that confirm the involvement of this state in committing many war crimes and a genocide against civilians in a number of Arab countries including Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Egypt.

On Thursday, during an interview with Emirati newspaper, Al Khaleej, Ali said “There are Qatari leaders involved in acts of terrorism and causing despicable massacres, including the killing of former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the slaughter of more than 200 officers from the Libyan army.”
Abdul Rehim Ali revealed that the case of Mohamed Morsi's communication with Qatar will witness new defendants, most importantly, Hamad bin Jassem. 
He urged Arab governments to cooperate with him and provide him with the information and documents needed to be included in his file.  Ali stressed that Qatar and the gang that governs Doha supported and funded terrorist organizations even inside Sinai like ISIS. Qatar has also formed a coalition led by terrorists Hesham El Ashmawi and Mohamed Sorour who handled the transfer of terrorist operations to Egypt by targeting Christians. This was done to twist the arm of the Egyptian government and embarrass it by saying that the Egyptian state is unable to protect its Christian sect. Ali said that according to international law and that of the international criminal court, these are considered as war crimes.  
Announcement of halting
Announcement of halting air flights from & to Qatar - Others
Abdel Rehim described the statements of Colonel Ahmad El Mesmari, official spokesman of the Libyan army as dangerous. In his statements, Colonel Mesmari confirmed the existence of a Qatari armed organization on Libyan territory, that Doha has bribed some corrupt tribal sheikhs and that Qatari intelligence agents stole billions of dollars from the Libyan Central Bank and used a large part of it to disrupt political life in Libya. This is all evidence that Tamim’s regime is aiming to cause the downfall of Libya.  
Colonel Mesmari also stressed that Qatar tried to assassinate Marshal Khalifa Hafter, Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Army and enabled terrorists to enter the decision making circles in Libya as international terrorist Abdel Hakim Bilhah, as well as facilitating the entry of 800 terrorists onto Libyan territory through the Tunisian border.  He added that this information confirms that Qatar and the Tamim terrorist system have are responsible for all terrorist and criminal acts inside Libya, that Qatar and its ruling gang must be brought before the International Criminal Court to serve as a lesson to all regimes and countries that finance and arm terrorists and terrorists.
Abdul Rehim revealed that he received many documents from several institutions in a number of Arab countries that Qatar and the Tamim terrorist system committed terrorist acts and criminal crimes on its territory to be added to the file that is being prepared. 
He stressed that it is time to bring down the ruling gang in Doha and charging them before the International Criminal Court.  He added that Tamim, seeking the help of Iran and the Turkish regime, assures that he will continue following the same terrorist policies against Arab countries. Ali praised all the countries that decided to sever ties with Qatar led by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and he expects the quick downfall of Tamim’s regime, especially since the Qatari people and the opposition are against his policies.
*Translated by Ghada Dajani

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