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Muslim Brotherhood meets with Turkish government to support Qatar against Egypt

Thursday 08-06-2017 - 11:35 AM
Ghada Dajani
Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo- Members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB), group are instructed to leave Qatar and head to four countries.
A reliable source of Masrawy reported on Wednesday, that the MB held a meeting in Ankara with key officials in the Turkish government.  This is the first reaction of the Brotherhood towards the decision taken by several Arab countries to sever relations with Qatar.
Last Monday, Egypt and three Gulf states cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, citing support of terrorism. 
The source assured that the leaders of the terrorist group and the Turkish government agreed on continued Turkish support of the group as well as exerting mutual effort to support the government of Qatar and Emir Tamim Ben Hamad in his enticement policies towards Egypt.
The  source also added that the meeting resulted in the issuance of instructions and orders to the members of the Brotherhood, who live in Qatar, necessitating them to leave Qatar as soon as possible and head to any of these four countries; Turkey, Malazia, Sudan or the United Kingdom.  This decision was made to decrease the pressure imposed on the Qatari government.   

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