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Reports: Muslim Brotherhood leaders meet in Turkey

Thursday 08-06-2017 - 06:28 PM
Mahmoud Hussein
Mahmoud Hussein

Ankara - Director General of Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud Hussein returned to Turkey after not being seen for months, and attended the group’s Iftar in Istanbul last week, Al Bawaba News Portal reported. He delivered a speech before the leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He also praised the positions adopted by Turkey’s President Recep Tayeb Erdogan, as the Turkish government has not expelled them from Turkish territories amid increasing reports over Turkey’s intention to take that step.

He denied what was published concerning the division within the group, expressing his support for Qatar during its current diplomatic crisis with a number of Arab states. He praised the Qatari position in supporting the Brotherhood.

Chairperson of the
Chairperson of the Conference Party Omar Al Mukhtar Semeida

A number of Arab countries, including Egypt, the Emirates, Saudi, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen, decided to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar for its support of terrorist groups and its policies aiming to destabilize the Arab world.

On his part, Chairperson of Egypt’s Conference Party Omar Al Mukhtar Semeida said that the meeting of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Turkey aims to find a serious solution for the crises that hit the group during this recent period, especially after the current diplomatic siege imposed against Doha.

He added that they will discuss the ways to overcome the current crisis of the diplomatic problem facing Qatar which is considered one of the main countries, along with Turkey and Iran, that harbors the group’s leaders.

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