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Paper exposes details of Qatari Emir’s meeting with Muslim Brothers leaders

Wednesday 07-06-2017 - 04:32 PM
Khalid Fahmy
Muslim Brothers prominent
Muslim Brothers prominent scholar Yousef Al Qaradawi in Qatar - Archive
Doha – Qatari Emir met with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group and other MB fugitives to address how to respond to several Arab countries that have severed ties with Doha, well-informed sources said on Wednesday, Al Shorouk Egyptian daily newspaper reported. 
The meeting, held by Emir Tamim bin Hamad was attended by some 60 MB fugitives, who fled from Egypt and have received a death penalty in absentia, the paper added citing the same sources
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Yemen and the provisional government of Libya have cut diplomatic relations with Doha, accusing Qatar of supporting terrorist organizations.
Paper exposes details
The sources reported the meeting was held at the royal headquarters of the Qatari Emir in the presence of MB leaders in the Gulf Arab state, topped by Egyptian Islamic scholar Skeikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The attendees agreed on intensifying terrorist operations against the countries that severed relations with Doha. 
The MB international organization laid a plan to task terrorist groups in Egypt by carrying out attacks against Copts in some governorates, particularly in Upper Egypt, in addition to targeting security bodies, according to the sources.
The meeting also called on Shiite Houthis to perpetrate terrorist attacks against Riyadh through their terrorist cells in Saudi Arabia to force the Kingdom to backtrack on the recent cut of ties with Doha. The sources stressed that Tamim is seeking to make intensive calls with some western countries to break Qatar’s isolation. These steps have been taken although Qatari opponents traveled to the United States and submitted documents to US officials proving the involvement of the Qatari ruling family in terrorist attacks in some countries. The documents, according to the sources, prove that the ruling family supports all terrorist organizations.
Photo credit: Google
Photo credit: Google
The sources stated that Egyptian security bodies have announced their readiness to counter any terrorist acts, especially on the western border. Egypt is also monitoring all movements of armed militias of terrorist organizations at home and abroad to strictly respond to any attacks, as was the case with Menya attack, which targeted Christians last month in the Egyptian southern governorate, leaving 28 people dead and 28 injured.
As for the reasons behind cutting ties with Doha, the sources explained that the Arab countries have been wanting the Qatari Emir to take strict measures against Doha-backed terrorist groups. However, Tamim continued his violations by tasking terrorist organizations with committing terrorist attacks during the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Once such reports and information were confirmed, these countries decided to sever relations with Doha. 

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