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Egypt’s media channels celebrate cutting relations with Qatar

Tuesday 06-06-2017 - 11:13 PM
TV host, Amr Adeeb
TV host, Amr Adeeb

Cairo- Egyptian media channels expressed their appreciation on the decision taken by the Egyptian government to cut diplomatic relations with Qatar, as they described it as severe blow to extremist groups.

Egyptian media host Amr Adeeb said that each Egyptian citizen should be proud of his country’s administration for the decision it took against Qatar. He added, “It is the time for the Egyptians to make clear their position towards the tiny state.

He called on Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to not respond to the calls for reconciliation, saying that Egypt adopts a fully different position from Qatar when compared to the other positions adopted by the other countries that took the same decision.

Egypt’s media channels

In the same context, Editor-in-Chief of Kuwaiti newspaper, Siyassa, Ahmed Al Gar-Allah said that Qatar ambitions are greater than its capabilities, saying that the small state has spent over $200 billion to support terrorist groups during the recent years.

He said that Kuwait’s Emir Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah will head to Saudi Arabia to contain the current crisis witnessed in the Gulf State, saying that the Qatari people will launch a revolution against their ruling regime if they do not expel the leaders of terrorist groups.

Political analyst Jihad Al Khazen said that the difference between the Gulf States and Qatar is not new, and dates back to years, saying that the recent decision to cut diplomatic relations with Qatar come as a result of previous accumulations.

Egypt’s media channels

He stressed that the decision is based on evidence over Qatari involvement in supporting terrorism, adding that the ruling authority in Qatar should review their policies during the coming period to restore its relations with neighboring states and the Arab world. He highlighted that current Qatari policies will not serve the interests of the Gulf state, saying that they should reform their foreign policy as soon as possible.

Qatari opposition figure Ali Al Dahneem said that the blockade imposed on the Qatari government from other Arab countries has led to increasing economic losses estimated to eight billion riyals. He stressed that the closure of airspace on Qatari planes is considered a strong blow for the Qatari economy. He described the decision taken by a number of Arab countries as an earthquake, adding that the Qatari people do not have the experience to deal with such developments.

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