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Why ISIS intensifies terrorist attacks during Summer holidays

Sunday 04-06-2017 - 02:33 PM
Mohamed Arabi
ISIS' Lone-Wolf Strategy
ISIS' Lone-Wolf Strategy

Cairo - Dr. Nourhan El-Sheikh, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, said that the so-called Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS, Daesh in Arabic) group will begin to intensify its terrorist atacks in the coming period, not just during the holy month of Ramadan. El-Sheikh explained that concerning European countries, ISIS will execute its terrorist operations during Summer vacations there, usually in the months of July and August of every year, which are times of major gatherings.

In an exclusive statement to Al-Bawaba News Portal, El-Sheikh explained that ISIS has drawn up a new strategy based on the ‘lone-wolves terrorists’ to target the largest amount of crowds, and to inflict the greatest number of fatalities possible. 

Dr. Nourhan El-Sheikh,
Dr. Nourhan El-Sheikh, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University

A string of lone wolf terrorist attacks in France, Germany, the United States and elsewhere suggests that the phenomenon continues to spread and is growing increasingly lethal. Between October 2015 and April 2017 radicalized individuals, as well as “wolf packs,” carried out over 25 attacks in response to the Islamic State’s call to indiscriminately kill “nonbeliever” civilians.

As for Arab countries, El-Sheikh argues that ISIS adopt another strategy in the Arab/Islamic world based on feeding the sectarian strife among the peoples of the region in a bid to reinvent what happened in Syria and Iraq. In the Arab countries, ISIS operations similarly target the largest gathering of worshipers in order to pit people of different faith against each other. 

As for where and when of the execution, El-Sheikh explained that the organization has a full crew specialized in monitoring the places where there are large gatherings and determining the best time to execute. The time is set after days of monitoring in order to choose the moment of attack, while exploiting any possible security breaches at the [chosen] site.  

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