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Egypt’s image is smeared abroad

French family talking about their visit to Egypt

Saturday 10-06-2017 - 12:00 PM
Khalid Fahmy
Egyptian beaches
Egyptian beaches - Others
Cairo – Although the Egyptian government is exerting great efforts to revive tourism and regain the large number of tourists who would visit the country before the January 25 Revolution of 2011, it still faces difficulty because of false reports circulated by foreign media on Egypt and its security.
Arno, a French national, and his wife Milani decided to visit the Egyptian city of Hurghada, but they were criticized by their friends, who described them as “stupid” to spend their holiday in Egypt that has weak security
“I am from Paris and this is my first visit to Hurghada,” Milani told Albawaba News.

European media spread baseless rumors about Egypt

Egyptian beaches
Egyptian beaches - Others
“When I decided to visit Egypt to spend my annual holiday, my friends described me as “stupid” under the pretext that Egypt has bad security conditions and imposes restrictions on visitors, claiming that females are not allowed to wear pants or miniskirts.
“I visited the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which confirmed the claims of my friends. However, I bought a book about tourism in Egypt to make sure whether such information is true, and the book also said confirmed those claims.

Foreign governments warn against visiting Egypt due to poor security

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“But when I arrived in Hurghada, I went around the hotel and noticed the presence and deployment of police in a way that assures visitors. I also saw females and families live their daily life normally and safely, not to mention how the visitors are welcomed by friendly Egyptian people as usual.
“I invite my friends in France to visit Egypt and enjoy the lovely weather and shores of Hurghada,” Milani added.
Alaa Hegazi, tour guide for Arno and Milani, said he decided to escort them around the city of Hurghada to make sure that these false reports on Egypt are baseless.
Hegazi added that he is upset because a number of tourists always tell him about such untrue claims and rumors, which tarnish Egypt’s image and reputation.
Arno said that those living in  Hurghada are very kind, polite and helpful people, adding that he enjoyed diving in the warm waters and coral reefs there.

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