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Egypt's MP: Mr. President, I did not convey my point of view properly!

Thursday 01-06-2017 - 02:21 AM
Egypt's MP: Mr. President,
* Interviewed by Ahmed Suliman, translated by Ghada Dajani

Cairo  - Member of Egyptian Parliament Dr. Aboul Maaty Mostafa representative for the Kafr Saad province in Damietta governorate said that he was practicing his right as a parliament member when he conveyed the demands of the citizens to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.  He added that he does not regret conveying the message because he aimed to alleviate the burden of the poor due to price hikes.

In his interview with Al Bawaba News, Mostafa stated that he did not convey the message properly, assuring that the president is aware of the suffering of the poor as had pointed this out during several previous meetings.
Below is an interview with the MP, who conveyed his message to El-Sisi on live TV, and was answered back rather harshly by the president. 
Did your talk of the negatives without mentioning the positives infuriate the president?
I am practicing my right as a member of the parliament, and I was only a messenger that delivered a message from the people to the president during his visit to Damietta.  President El-Sisi has achieved a lot in a variety of fields in a short amount of time which is a point in his favor.  However, the president is well aware of the suffering of the poor as he had pointed this out during several previous meetings.  
MP Dr. Aboul Maaty
MP Dr. Aboul Maaty Mostafa
Do you think the points you were conveying came at an inappropriate time?
There is no inappropriate time for discussing the benefit of citizens. I was not wrong in conveying the message of the people to the president at this time, and I am not upset. Everyone values El-Sisi, but I do not regret conveying this message because the citizens have entrusted me with this. 

Some said you are always seeking attention.  What is your comment?
I am not an attention seeker and no one can describe me as such. I will not gain anything from discussing raising minimum wage and the implementation of an economic reform program.  I did so for the benefit of the citizens with the aim of lifting the burden off the shoulders of the poor due to the recent price increase.  

Were you convinced with the president’s point of view?
I did not convey my point of view properly. I am well aware of the economic situation of the country and I appreciate the president’s concern about micro, small and medium sized projects which shows his eagerness to develop industry with the aim of reviving Egyptian economy once more. 
Egypt's MP: Mr. President,
Why did you demand raising minimum wage to 3000 pounds?
My demand to raise the minimum wage came in response to the demands of the majority of citizens who work in the administrative sections of the state so that they can handle the constant increase in prices.

How do you view developing an economic reform program?
Any citizen living in any country has to take part in the reformation process in all sectors.  We are currently passing through a rough stage and we must all contribute to the process of reformation in all sectors, not just the economy. We all have to unite for the sake of reforming Egypt.

Who do you think should bear the burden of economic reform?
We should all bear the burden of economic reform.  I believe matters will improve in the next phase and Egypt’s economic position will be better than before. We are hoping for the best in the coming period. 

Why haven’t you asked for postponing the price increase of gas and electricity?
I submitted a petition to Dr. Ali Abdel Aal, the Chairman of the parliament, the petition directed towards Dr. Mohamed Shaker, the Minister of Power with regards to increasing the prices of electricity and gas this coming July. However, it has not been included in the parliament’s agenda so far.

Are you satisfied with the performance of the current parliament?
The current parliament is under a lot of pressure and not the same as other previous parliaments. The people want to feel the impact of the parliament’s work so the pressure we bear is more than any other previous parliament. 

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