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UAE envoy calls for peaceful co-existence

Wednesday 31-05-2017 - 12:35 AM
 UAE envoy calls
Abu Dhabi - Sulaiman Al Mazroui, the UAE Ambassador to the UK, has called for embracing the culture of tolerance and coexistence to ward off the extremism and terrorism.

In his article published on the website of Reaction Digital Media Ltd, a registered private limited company in England & Wales, the UAE envoy decried the vicious terrorist attacks in Manchester, Iraq and Egypt.

“From the vicious attack on innocent children in Manchester, to the slaughter of Yazidis in Iraq, to the chilling massacre of Christians in Egypt: violence, conducted in the name of Islam, is rarely far from the headlines. As the Ambassador of one of Britain’s allies, a Muslim country, I tell you that we stand in solidarity with the people of Manchester - a city with close links to the United Arab Emirates.”
Sulaiman Al Mazroui,
Sulaiman Al Mazroui, the UAE Ambassador to the UK
“We stand too with Britain and its government in its fight against extremism. That is a fight not just with a few isolated terrorists. It is with the entire culture of extremism which supports and encourages the killers.”

“It is of course quite wrong to blame Muslims collectively for such attacks. Muslims are the terrorists’ greatest victims and the vile Daesh creed is an insult to Islam. Nonetheless, it is equally false to claim that it is some kind of coincidence that Muslims are so often also the perpetrators.”

“We have a huge rift in our own religion between the moderate majority and a violent fringe...”

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