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Minya attack

Video: Survivor says terrorists robbed victims, ordered them to utter the declarations of Islamic faith

Saturday 27-05-2017 - 06:45 PM
Video: Survivor says
Minya (Upper Egypt) – A witness who survived the terrorist attack on the Minya buses on the west desert road of Maghagha, said: Masked men driving four sports utility vehicles ambushed the bus and killed most of the passengers, each with a bullet to the head,Dubai-based Al-Arabyia TV reported.

The terrorists also attacked two cars close to the scene. During an interview, the witness pointed out that the terrorists asked victims to utter the two declarations of Islamic faith before proceeding to kill them.  They talked to the victims about what is permissible and what is prohibited in Islam, then stole their money and jewelry they had in their possession.  She noted that the masked men were wearing headbands with the name ISIS written on them. 
This witness, as a result of the heinous terrorist attack, lost her father, her two daughters, her sister and her sister’s husband as well as her brother and father in law.  In shock and grievance, she cried "What did my little son do to deserve not seeing his father again?  What are we guilty of exactly?’’ She could not stop crying after losing most of her closest family. 

Video: Survivor says
Terror attacks in Egypt have killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers since the mid-2013 military removal of former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in response to mass protests against his one-year rule and his currently-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group.

The terrorist 'Islamic State' group claimed responsibility for Friday terrorist attack on a bus outside of Cairo that killed at least 29 Coptic Christians including 10 children.

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