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First interview with Minya bus driver reveals more about terrorist attack that killed 29 Christians

Saturday 27-05-2017 - 03:47 AM
Ghada Dajani
First interview with
Minya  (Upper Egypt) - Boshra Kamel Girgis, the driver of the bus that was ambushed by masked men in Minya on Friday spent three hours in the operation room of the Nasser Institute Hospital to extract three bullets that nearly killed him along with 28 other people who were killed, and 25 others injured in the terrorist operation.  

On Friday, gunmen attacked a group of Egyptian Christians, who were travelling to the monastery of Saint Samuel the Confessor in Minya province ( 245 km south of Cairo). Many children have been reported to be among the victims.

Masrawi News portal conducted an interview with the driver. 
According to the interview, it was a normal day for the 40 something driver. He was happy about this trip to the monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor, in the city of El Adwa in Minya.  The desert road leading to the monastery is unpaved and the mobile network signals are weak. But the driver had traveled this road more than more than once.   
He had nearly arrived to the monastery but the day changed unexpectedly and dramatically.  
It was past 9 AM on a quite peaceful day when a barrage of bullets penetrated the sides of the bus.  Everyone shuddered in fear, while Boshra the driver was forced to stop his bus. 
Bushra wound up in the hospital, busy and jammed with officials and hospital staff. With a barely audible voice, Boshra spoke to Masrawy from his room on the second floor of the Nasser Institute.  
He said, "We were taken by surprise by six masked men who opened fire on the bus. I was forced to stop because they hit the tires, then they entered the bus and randomly opened fire killing most of the passengers."
The largest Christian group in Egypt belongs to the Coptic Orthodox Church. The Coptic Christian segment is at least seven million people.
The aim of these masked men was to kill, but the bus driver pointed out that they also stole gold jewelry that the women were wearing as well as the mobile phones and money that passengers had in their possession.   
Minister of Health
Minister of Health performs surgical operations on some of the injured of today's attack
Boshra was hit by three bullets, one of which penetrated his chest to settle on top of the heart. The other two bullets went through his left and right thighs. He was transferred to the Nasser Institute and the Minister of Health supervised the medical staff who performed the surgery.
Boshra Kamel has four children who are waiting for the safe return of their father.  Boshra and his family were expecting that he would go back to work as a bus driver in a private sector company, but their night took an unexpected turn.  
Boshra is still clinging on to hope despite knowing that he will never forget what he witnessed, ‘’We will be fine, please pray for us to be fine.’’

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