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Isn’t it the right time for Egypt's president to announce the formation of the Combat-terror Supreme Council?

Friday 26-05-2017 - 07:40 PM
Egyptians have paid dearly over the decades of the last century, even until the time of writing these lines, to confront the phenomenon of terrorism, both domestic and international.
Police officers and Egyptian Copts are always the fuel of this battle, where armed forces also became a target
We have a long history of intense and open confrontation with those groups that do not take into account the love of their homeland, or teachings of religion.
The most important drastic changes in Egypt was the spread of extremist thoughts among citizens. Thoughts that we did not know before the 1970s. So, I get surprised when some accusations are being directed occasionally to Al-Azhar, blaming it for extremism, as if Al-Azhar hasn't existed for a thousand years or more, when we were living in harmony until the events of the Khanka in 1972. 
These accusers act as if Al-Azhar was responsible for the killing of Ahmed Maher and Khazandar and Mahmoud Fahmi Nqrashi and the burning of police stations and shops belonging to Egyptian Jews and an assassination attempt on President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
Many Egyptian migrated to the Gulf states and there they fell under the influence of fundamentalism. Upon returning to Egypt, they spread these extremist ideas.  This is the first loophole terrorists broke through in Egypt.

The second loophole is the lack of a comprehensive counter-terrorism scheme set up by a body specially created for this purpose, that would be comprised of experts and specialists, all directly working under the supervision of the president of Egypt.
The Egyptian president did very well after many appeals since 1996, when he recently announced the formation of a new body called the Supreme Council for Combating Terrorism and Extremism, but since this announcement of this important idea, we have not seen any practical steps towards its implementation. 
A fierce war against terrorism funded and supported by the world and regional ruthless powers is still going on. Victims are innocent civilians. 
The announcement of the formation of such a body and the definition of its terms of reference and follow-up and monitoring the budgets necessary for them are all crucial elements to combat terrorism. 

The third of these gaps or loopholes, that terrorist break through, is the existence of a security system operating using two wings; a criminal one and a political one .Both are run by one official who is the Minister of the Interior.

The history and the calamities that we have passed through, have proven the fault of this thinking because it put an important apparatus such as national security under the whims of people who repeatedly messed with it.

The subordination of this national and important apparatus to the president is the same like that of the General Intelligence Service. It is also a duty of the moment, so that he can work on accumulating expertise, drawing up appropriate plans and coordinating fully with the other concerned information apparatuses without passing through and influencing the Minister of Interior's filter, whoever that person may be. The character of the minister always affects that organ in particular, sometimes positively or negatively at many times.
Dealing with these three gaps in which the terrorist acts are being carried out, and dealing with what must and should be done is the duty of the moment. Otherwise, we will continue to mourn our martyrs every day based on the global battle and the ferocity of terrorism.

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