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Egyptian MP: Human rights activists work to smear Egypt’s image abroad

Tuesday 23-05-2017 - 05:19 AM
Egyptian MP: Human

Cairo - Egyptian Member of Parliament Gamal Abbas criticized the political activists who turn to gain the foreign support against the Egyptian government.

He said, in a statement to “Al Bawaba News”, that those activists perform a major role to smear Egypt’s image before the world, saying that Egypt does not have any kind of racism. He stressed that all Egyptian citizens, regardless of their religion or sex, live in peace and security.

He added that Egypt is the only country in which all citizens enjoy freedom, calling the Egyptian media for addressing the foreign countries to expose lies promoted against the country.

Some political activists, including Dr. Amr Hamzawy and lawyer Khaled Ali, and others participated in a workshop on human rights and racism in Egypt held by Italy’s RESEAU Fondarc rights organization.

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