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Egyptian MP calls for imprisonment and fining parents who give foreign names to their children

Saturday 20-05-2017 - 01:56 AM
Egyptian MP calls
Cairo - Member of Egypt's Parliament Bedeir Abdel Aziz said that he is currently working on a new draft law to sentence parents who insist on giving their newly-born babies foreign names. 

He said that he felt the discomfort of a large number of children who carry foreign names, claiming they feel embarrassed as they get older. He stressed that the excessive use of western names changes the society and undermines its identity. The proposed law includes a fine of 5000 EGP and imprisonment from one day to six months for parents.

He added, “In fact, I cannot pronounce these names and I can not memorize them. It would be a major problem for them when they get older and will not be able to change their names.” He underlined that westerners use our [Arabic] names for their children, while the Arab people are abandoning these names.

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