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Interview: Ex-intelligence Egyptian official: Terror can be countered by Quran

Thursday 18-05-2017 - 09:48 AM
Interview: Ex-intelligence
Cairo - “If I meet an extremist, I will use the holy Quran to make him understand who his real enemies are,’” says Hani Al-Borieni who is often introduced on TV shows as a security expert and former official in Egypt Intelligence. 
Borieny believes terrorist groups take advantage of youth’s need for money and marriage. He added in an exclusive interview with Al-Bawaba that most dangerous recruitment operations are those of the ideological recruitment, which makes the terrorist willing to go on a suicide mission for his ‘belief’.
Borieni said he was a recruitment official in the special operations department in General Intelligence, and has has approximately 45 years experience on the topic of terrorism. His experience and knowledge extends to what he describes as the, “...enemies of the homeland and the plots they prepare to destroy the Egyptian State and the neighboring Arab countries.”

He illustrates that international intelligence bodies are the ones who summoned the ghost [of terrorism], and are the key controllers and sponsors of terrorists’ way of thinking. These organizations are established as an instrument for dominating states.

In this interview, Al-Boreeny added that there is the policy of 'imperializing' of minds, which is the most dangerous imperialism the Egyptian state faces and we should deter it with high professionalism and creative abilities. They are detailed as follows:

— Some people see that the international intelligence bodies are those who summoned the ghost (terrorism) and they should be the ones to exorcise it.

Yes, this saying is absolutely correct. The Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan after Arab intelligence bodies supported the ‘jihad’ and we started supporting those groups to oust the Soviet Union. The motive was strong because it was meant to combat communism.  The Islamic groups regard communists as infidels. That was taken advantage of. Thus, there are medium and a link, to implement the agenda of the recruitment process. 

—   What are the types of that recruitment?

—The most dangerous recruitment type is “the ideological recruitment” because it is a gradual recruitment which transforms, without any hesitation, into what is called ‘an ideology’.

—  How do you perceive anti-terrorism now?

—  This combating is an erroneous one by all accounts, because I kill some individuals and afterwards, I create an anti-front against me. Whoever kills deserves to be killed. The military part is inevitable and important, but behind each one of those terrorists, there are tens even hundreds of sympathizers. Consequently, most of them join this ideology. Therefore, when we combat or talk about the combating an ideology, beside the security crackdowns, there should be an intellectual combat and combat through religious discourse either in the mosque or in the church, using mental and logical reasoning and give hints.

—  Why are you not convinced with the current combating methods?

Because it basically faces a professional process and the recruitment discourse is circulatory because those being recruited have pure religious scruples, so there should be logical and intellectual hints and evidence in order to convince them with another discourse. Those who say “Al Daleen” (meaning those who have gone astray) in Al-Fatihah are people like ‘George' or 'Michael’[anyone non-Muslim]. They should read this verse from the Quran: “Surely, those who disbelieve after they have believed and then increase in disbelief, their repentance shall not be accepted, and these are those who have gone astray.” This is verse number 90 in the Quranic chapter of 'Aal-e-`Imran'. How can I understand it except in its general and specific contexts? This is was we call giving a hint, in a professional manner.

 What do you mean by professionalism?

-   Gradual recruitment is a science based on professionalism in convincing.  We should have the upper hand in dealing with the agent.

Influencing the mentality or what we call the 'recruitment framework' is divided into two types: 1) Ideological recruitment and 2) Long-term lasting recruitment. It is a talent and subject to be studied. Its stages are sorting, nomination, relationship development, and direct recruitment offer. In the beginning, there is inculcation and training and then implementation and the operational phase. We find that terrorist organizations are strongly engaged in all these stages.

What we see in reality is the last; the operational stage, as the terrorist attack on the Petrine Church. Yet, the state tends to overlook the influencing on personality, and the large stages undergone by those who have the 'upper hand'.

What are the borders of the national security?

-   The borders of Egyptian national security are the geographical borders, but they extend way beyond that.


—How can we exorcise the ghost summoned to us by the international intelligence bodies?

— To speak frankly, “we summoned the ghost and we should exorcise it”. We provided the fertile grounds for those groups because their existence was fully required by the end of the last century, when the Soviet Union should be beaten and communism should be eliminated from Egypt. That conflict was needed by the international organizations for creating the capital turnover which creates the conflict cycle in the world. He is wrong, whoever thinks that this conflict cycle includes only 'Sharon' and 'Ezra' or 'George' and 'Michel' and never perceives that it includes 'Ahmed' and 'Mohamed'. For instance, let us meditate on this: Why does the United States support the Muslim Brotherhood and has influenced the political decision in all Arab countries? The answer would include that the financial factor and the capital turnover must be playing a great role.


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