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French politician praises El-Sisi’s role against religious fascism

Wednesday 17-05-2017 - 05:31 PM
French politician
Cairo - Member of France’s Christian Democratic Party Jean-Frédéric Poisson criticized policies adopted by the former French government towards the countries supporting terrorism, describing these policies as subordinate compared to the American approach in dealing with these countries. He also praised Egypt’s president's role in confronting religious fascism.

The French politician expressed his appreciation on the role performed by the Egyptian government to combat religious terrorism which poses serious threat all over the world. He called on the French government to take steps to increase cooperation with Egypt’s Al-Azhar, as the center of moderate Islam in the world.

French politician

Azhar's role

Regarding his meeting with Azhar's grand Imam, he said, in an interview with "Al Bawaba News", “I was keen to meet with Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb during my visit to the country, as he is considered the symbol of Islam not only in Egypt but also in the world at large. He is also one of the major scholars, so I asked him a number of questions concerning Islam’s position on terrorism.”

He praised the meeting with Al-Tayeb, saying that the Muslim cleric was keen to express readiness to increase efforts to combat terrorism, highlighting the role performed by the Al-Azhar’s Observatory to refute the ideas of extremists and terrorist groups and to correct misconceptions among young people.

In response to a question about the terrorist attacks that targeted France, he said that his country witnessed increasing terrorist operations during the recent period, praising the role performed by the French police to undermine a large number of plans to hit the country with more terrorist attacks. He said, “As a French politician, I do not accept the use of religious terrorism to promote extremism among the French people. We respect all people regardless of their religion, color or name upon our values based on the rule of law.”

French politician

Two-state solution

Regarding the Palestinian issue, the French politician expressed his support for the two-state solution, calling the Israeli government to recognize the Palestinian State. He stressed that the Palestinians also should take serious steps to end their internal division to achieve the interests of their country and citizens. He added, “Egypt and other Arab countries could perform a major role to ease Israeli fears about the intentions of the Arabs. However, Israel should accept the other and open relations with all Arab countries.”

He blamed the approach adopted by his country towards the countries supporting terrorism, saying that it is not clear. He called on the French government to provide an opportunity for moderate Muslim citizens to become involved in combating terrorism, saying that France should perform an active role during the current war against ISIS extremist group.

French politician

Sisi's fight against fascism

He expressed his disapproval of religious parties, saying that they negatively affect democratic life. He added, “I do not recognize religious parties and wonder how these parties use democracy to ascend to power in their countries.” In Egypt, he praised the role performed by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to combat religious fascism.

The French politician expressed his support for the position adopted by Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, saying that he took the decision to defend his country. He said that Syria is considered the key of the Middle East, stressing that France lost its international influence due to the change of its policy towards Syria. He added that he visited Damascus and met with a number of Syrian officials, including the Syrian president, stressing that the country is living in normal conditions despite what is being publicized by the international media.


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