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Iraqi minister: Cairo & Baghdad role model of Arab integration

Tuesday 16-05-2017 - 10:29 AM
Bishoy Ramzy & Al-Bawaba
Iraqi minister: Cairo

Cairo - Iraqi Minister of Labor Mohammed Al-Sudani said that both Egypt and Iraq enjoy humanitarian and natural resources qualifying them for achieving cooperation in different fields to be a model of Arab economic integration. 

Nicknamed "Mr. Clean" for his efforts to fight corruption, Al Sudani served as acting trade minister in 2015 before appointed in the current post.

Iraqi minister: Cairo

He added, in an interview with Al Bawaba News, that he will resume his campaign against corrupt individuals who attempt to flood the Iraqi market with imported goods.He said that such means threaten the Iraqi industry and drains its hard currency during the current critical period being witnessed in the country in light of the current fight against the extremist groups and decline of oil prices.

Iraqi minister: Cairo

“Over the last decade,” he said, “the value of imported goods in Iraq has been worth about 321 billion US dollars. Most of these goods have come through programs that are poorly studied and corrupt, while the county has local alternatives.”

Iraqi minister: Cairo

In regard to the fees of Egyptian workers in Iraq, he said that Egyptians who worked in the Iraqi private sector received their fees except 398 persons. He added, “The total amount paid to Egyptian workers is about 3.348 billion Iraqi dinars, equivalent to about three million dollars.”

He praised the role performed by his ministry during the current critical period in the framework of the fight to liberate the Iraqi cities from the grip of extremist ISIS group. He said, “We pay monthly welfare money to the eligible, and pension pay to retirees from the private sector. We also coordinated with human rights organizations to deliver humanitarian aid to displaced families.”

Iraqi minister: Cairo

He criticized the decision made by the Kirkuk governorate to have the Kurdistan flag raised over governmental institutions in the province, saying that it is poor timing for this decision as well as a violation of Iraqi laws and the constitution.

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