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A Message from a Libyan Citizen to Egyptians: What if El-Sisi Left Office Next Year?

Friday 05-05-2017 - 09:45 PM

I received this message from a Libyan citizen who values the Egyptian people and wants to advise us Egyptians on a few points. Having noted the sincerity of his message and admired his deep knowledge of what has been going on in his country; I decided to publish it, hoping that we might learn a lesson from it. I do not mean to sway people to surrender to whatever the government dictates; I am only focusing on what the gentleman has stated. 

From my point of view, the decisions that seal the fate of nations and turn its citizens into refugees are those decisions taken at a wrong time. 

Now to the message of our Libyan brother:

I listened to (Abdul Fattah) Al-Sisi’s speech during the last Youth Conference held in Ismailia City( Egypt).  The president spoke so bitterly on the huge anti-Egypt campaign waged by the Brotherhood as a result of the economic crisis the country is facing. 

For the first time, the president said that he has more reasons to leave than to stay, as Egyptians are passive in confronting this campaign that aims to drag Egypt under similar circumstances as Libya.

I hope that the people of Egypt listen to the advice of a Libyan citizen who has lived through chaos and experienced its effects first hand.

If Al-Sisi left office now, the Muslim Brotherhood (banned terrorist group) will seize power.  They will be freed from prison, and this time they will show no mercy and will not leave Egypt as the stable, independent nation that used to be. 

Banks will be robbed and funds transferred to their accounts in Turkey. Militia will be formed across Egypt and armed men will exist on every street.  Because Egypt is densely populated, daily fights will break out and thousands will be killed each time.

You will find militias down town calling themselves “The Revolutionaries of Imbaba,” others in Nasr City and New Cairo calling themselves “The Security Committee”.  A lunatic will emerge to burn down Cairo airport to kick out the militia then appear in media channels saying that civil war unites people.  The 'Beit El Maqdes' organization will control Sinai, Taba and Sharm El Sheikh and deals will be struck with Israeli troops to manage the operations of  the Rafah Tunnel.

As for El Azhar, the beacon of moderate Islam, charlatans will issue fatwas, necessitating the murder of police and army officers since they are now the oppressors. 

On the political front, the United Nations will send a representative to control the fate of Egypt however he sees fit. 

The army’s artillery warehouses will be robbed. Guns and arms will be available on every street and murder a common occurrence.

On the financial front, all businessmen will flee the country, and banks will be bled dry of liquidity. Egyptians will starve, kidnapping incidents will increase and so will the suicide rate. Everything will be stolen, down to the manhole covers of the sewage pipes. 

You will hear of army and police members getting assassinated on a daily basis and judges will fall prey to their fear of the Brotherhood’s cruelty. 

Turkey and Qatar will have full control of Egypt as if it is part of Doha in Qatar or Ankara in Turkey.  As for Sudan, Omar El Bashir will return to Halayib and occupy a major part of Southern Egypt with the excuse that it was once within the Sudanese border. 

Egyptians who remain in the country will chose to fight alongside the Brotherhood militia or hop on the first boat to become illegal immigrants.  Hospitals, schools, museums, ministries and all government facilities will be robbed, leaving Egyptians to die of hunger and disease.

Think of this tragedy before asking the president to step down next year.

I do not support presidents staying in office for an indefinite period of time and I do not mean to employ any scare tactics.  But, you must realize that the decisions that put an end to countries turning their citizens to refugees are those decisions taken at the wrong time.  Take my advice into consideration, for hindsight vision and regret can do no good. 

If you are wondering what I will gain from giving you this advice I shall tell you that Egypt is our last hope to rise again.  If Egypt falls, the whole region will follow, and we will be doomed till Judgement Day.

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