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Who tried to assassinate Fillon?

Thursday 20-04-2017 - 04:45 AM
The emergence of French politician François Fillon has created a stumbling block against the expansion of radical Islamic organizations with its international support in France. If  Fillon becomes the new president of France, he would be a threat to the Muslim Brotherhood, in particular, and its organizational ties to other radical groups. In January, Fillon criticized the existence of the Brotherhood in France despite being designated as a terrorist group in Egypt.

He called for taking precautionary measures to limit the Islamists’ influence in the country and put an end to the series of terrorist attacks that have targeted French cities in recent years.

In one of his interviews, Fillon seemed fully aware of the dangers of radical groups which claim moderation in public, yet incite extremism secretly. He hinted that he knows very well the countries that support terrorism.

Fillon called for dissolving all organizations affiliated with the Brotherhood in the country, otherwise the French people will be in perpetual danger.

He referred to the close relations between the Brotherhood and Qatar saying, “We should know that this country [Qatar] finances terrorism and hosts on its territory all the leaders of radical Islam.”

According to Thomas Gumart, Director of the Russian Studies department at the French Institute of International Relations, Fillon is interested in defending Christians in the Middle East, and he will support the Russian intervention in Syria.

There were signs of a growing rapprochement between Fillon and the Russian leader Vladimir Putin between 2008 and 2012. Putin once said that Fillon is a man of principle.

On the other hand, the French politician believes that Muslims around the world should revolt against the rise of extremism and religious radicalism, and help France to stop this trend, especially among young people. He also called for the state to monitor Imams and Friday prayers to ensure that they are not exploiting sermons to incite terrorism.

I wonder if there is anyone who wants to get rid of Fillon more than those who are afraid of his existence in the political scene? Fillon will play the same role of Donald Trump in America, creating an anti-extremism current that will eliminate the Brotherhood and Qatar’s devious schemes in the Middle East.

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