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Notes on the 'crisis'

Wednesday 12-04-2017 - 12:33 AM

Note on the 'crisis'

The recent dispute, between the Al-Bawaba newspaper and the ministry of interior, revealed three important aspects that showed a lack of transparency in society, which we should have been aware of, being involved in this crisis.

First, our discussion about the dispute was based on a professional background, away from any political tendency. We dealt with the situation as a brutal terrorist attack, which always occurs in the same manner and with the same elements.

Some people are confused between this approach and our political stance which is known to everyone. We are one of the supporters of the Egyptian state authorities, mainly the military and security service. This was the reason why the dispute was coined as a "crisis" by some people who like fishing in troubled waters.

Second, some of the enemies and opponents of the June 30 Revolution, who call it a military coup, exploited our professional position, and used it in their political conflicts with the current government. Of course, we reject to be involved in this situation. We belong to the majority, who pledged to defend the country against those terrorist groups and their allies at home and abroad.

Third, we  never opposed the state of emergency. In fact, we were the first people to call for imposing the state of emergency, in order that cases of terrorism to be tried in military courts. We presented many examples, notably terrorist Habbara, and ousted president Mohamed Morsi. We were surprised that our position was interpreted as a rejection to the state of emergency, which we actually always supported.

Hence, we clearly affirm our rejection to be used as a tool in a fabricated political crisis, of which we have nothing to do with.

So we will continue to move forward in our professional coverage, ignore all the repercussions of this dispute, and prioritize our national values.

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