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Press syndicate head fails to protect freedom of press

Tuesday 11-04-2017 - 12:05 PM

Press syndicate head fails to protect freedom of press

Press syndicate head, Abdel-Mohsen Salama, has let the press community down by not living up to his duties as defender of free press in Egypt.

Salama, who is close to the security circles, showed a lack of respect for a position previously occupied by press luminaries including: Mahmoud Abul-Fatah, Mohamed Abdel-Kader Hamza, Fekry Abaza, Ahmed Kassem Gouda, Hafez Mahmoud, Ahmed Baha Eddine, Kamel Zuhairy, Yussef al-Sebaei, Salah Galal and Makram Mohamed Ahmed.

The defeatist Salama left all journalists in a lurch as he seemed unable to take action against the crime of banning the Al-Bawaba newspaper issues for the second day in a row, showing no reaction except humiliation.

Salama, an idol at the press syndicate headquarters, failed to release a statement condemning the stifling of freedom of opinion and expression in Egypt.

It is a real tragedy that no journalist had ever imagined.

Salama’s bias to the Interior Minister, who failed to save the lives of Egyptians, will never prevent this disgrace from haunting him forever.

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